Mini/portable/pocket vaporizor help

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by njtoker59, May 17, 2010.

  1. looking to buy a vap that is portable and low cost(less then $200). would like recomendations and reviews from people who have used them
  2. magic flight launch box
  3. I looked at a lot of different models, and settled on the Vapolution. It's affordable, portable, and works great. The unit comes standard with a car adapter, or you can buy a battery pack that lasts two hours. The unit doesn't make any noise because it does not force air, so it's great if that is a concern. It looks sort of like the pipes in Mario Brothers - the ones you'd jump into. When I accidentally dropped it on my dresser and broke it, they were great about getting it replaced. (Warranty covers any failures on their part, or they'll fix for $50 if you caused it.)
  4. magic flight launch box
  5. LaunchBox
  6. Fuck what other people say

    Magic flight launch box
  7. i have vapor brothers. great warranty, ease of use, and fat hits. its a good buy in my opinion.
  8. OP asked for portables, it's even in the title!! VB is not portable.

    Magic Flight Launch Box!!! Don't ask questions, just get it. It's awesome. Check out their site I'd go to BlissSville
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    hey guys chill out hahah. i was baked off my Rumpelstiltskin earlier i must have failed to read about the portable part :D.

    as far as portables i agree with thing 1 and thing 2, Launchbox looks top-notch. sorry bout the confusion y'all.

    But I take my VB to go all the time. Unless you are going out camping, i bet you'll find friends houses where you can plug in the machine. When i was shopping for mine, i thought i would need portability too, but I just ended up buying VB cause it was at the store. I just have a good to-go bag for it and I'm set.
  10. Ok, I take back the fanboy comment. As a matter of fact, I'll delete my post. Sorry about that.
  11. hey don't sweat it, i have seen "the 'cano boys" on here before and i got what you meant hah.

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