Mini Pom Bong (And Future Add Ons?)

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    So I noticed my mom had a Pom bottle under the sink and it must have been there for ages because I can't remember the last time I seen her buy Pom juice. It's not a full bottle like most people use it's a small 8fl oz bottle.
    I thought it'd be cool to turn it into a mini bong. What do you guys think?
    The downstem is a metal tube that came from a cheap stylus I used to have for my old phone.
    The "Slider" (lol) is the end of a cable TV cord. The ones that you have to plug in then screw down. I just stripped the wire from the inside of it and it has a perfect little piece that is separate from the outside ring and makes for a perfect slider. Also, it has a threaded female tip, so any male threaded bolts of some sort I find that are larger, I can possibly add on for a bigger bowl... although a bigger bowl on such a small piece isn't nessesary.

    Also..I was thinking I could use a SmartWater water bottle, cut off the bottom and and put 4 or 5 holes at the top of the Pom bottle right below the cap, and hot glue the smartwater bottle to the top for a little perc type deal. Just some thoughts. I'll add a few pictures.

  2. haha I figured that. Thanks
  3. No, it's plastic, but it's not like thin waterbottle plastic. It's thick.
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    Ah. never had pom before. i did make a little bong out of that French orange juice water shit that comes in these glass bottles... hit like a champ, untill my buddy dropped it. ither way, happy building. :)
  5. This is the very definition of stoner engineering! The smart water thing for a perc sounds awesome and I love making homemade pieces. I have a broken hookah and nice piece of firewood it could carve somethig so I'm thinking of making like a bubbler or something outa the hookah and whatever I carve haha

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