Mini plastic bags - astronaut design

Discussion in 'General' started by Heights, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. I was wondering if anybody on here has came across these mini plastic bags with astronauts on them. I've been looking for these ones specifically and if anybody has a link where to buy them of even can just post a picture of them I would greatly appreciate it. The astronauts on the ones I saw were blue, but they could be any color.
  2. Sorry dogg, can't find em online, but I know most of the headshops I've been to have the mini-ziplocks with designs on them. The ones I usually seen have 8balls, Pot Leafs, superman symbols, ect. I think I've seen the spaceman ones before though, but I havent found shit on google....
  3. Thanks man I really appreciate the help. They're the dopest spaceman baggies you've ever seen. The reason i'm trying to find them is because I'm looking to get a tattoo of the design.
  4. Lol...a salute to your weed baggies :D

    My dealers had some sweet ones, I remember mudflap girl bags, Playboy bunny bags, superman bags, and ones with little dice on em. Always gotta remember, presentation is everything.

  5. Oh, right on bro. Well in that case Ill try finding them again
  6. i like the bags with the little bomb on it, those are tight. actually i dont care whats on the outside of the bag, as long as the inside is good im game.

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