Mini pipe good enough?HELP

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    Hey i recently bought a small colour changing pipe cause its small portable nd easy to hide, anwyays ill be smoking with this alot so my question is this small colour changing pipe good enough like will it give me big hits and shet i dun like water bottle bongs so i bought this little colour changing pipe its easy , the bowl is up 1 inch deep and 1.5- 2 inches wide so its decent, but idk do i have to smoke more weed to get high because i have a small pipe , ive only smoked about 10 times, and all the time i have used a bong but i cant buy one myself cause i cant hide a big thing my parents will find it, leave your opinions.:smoke:

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  2. Any pipe will give you a big hit. Any pipe is really good for smoking IMO. Have fun!
  3. Thank you anymore opinions?
  4. its good, just clean it out often unless u want to save and smoke the resin.

  5. I recommend saving your resin, it gives you a pretty good buzz.

  6. so dont clean it? wont it smell im trying to hide it from my parents.
  7. If you want feel free to clean it but you can still save your resin and put it in something smell proof in case you don't have bud and want a good buzz.

  8. so if resin builds up over time, i can light it up nd have a good buzz without putting more weed in it lol?

  9. Well it builds up and you could do that but, scraping the bowl and making it into a small ball would be better. You get allot of hits out of it and it burns slow. :smoke:

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