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    So im thinking on starting a mini little grow i dont really care how much i get in harvest its just a fun little project but i was wondering if i were to grow a lets say around 10-15 inch plant would it smell as much as a regular weed plant would
  2. Go short stuff blue himalaya if you want a tiny plant with lower odor. I just posted about Fastberry auto if you can deal with something 30" max. First plant I have ever grown that I was able to grow without filter that smells like faint mixed berry throughout the grow and even the smoke does as well after curing for 3 months at 62%. Good luck man and if you need any help let me know.
  3. When I did mini grows I modded an old pc case and rotated air freshener by the fan which completely masked the smell. Really if you do a mini grow you should consider using a small container of some sort. I've used pc cases, sterilite tubs(pretty cheap and loads of fun to design) and even cardboard boxes. Considering the fact that you're growing indoor you have control of flowering so theoretically you can grow in anything that fits a light bulb and a solo cup if you REALLY don't care how much you get. Keeping your grow contained in some sort gives you control over airflow, which gives you control over aroma emission.

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