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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by doink420, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. well i decided that im gunna make a mini grow room box and grow 2 lst plants..i had 2 boxes to chose from.. ones a computer box thats alot smaller then the other box i was debating on.. .a 50 inch sanyo tv box.. lol... that would be the perfect size but it would be way more obvious and doesnt fit in my closet .. wich sucks.. because that box would be amazing size..i could fit like 6 LSt plants.. but oh box that i chose is 25 inches tall by 9 wide and 19 long.. i figure that if people can grow in a server tower pc case that i could manage in this box.. the first pic is obviosly the giant box .. the next pics is the box im using.. you can barely see it.. just what i need..
  2. these pics are just more of the box.. and a lava lamp case that ive cut and fitted over a pc fan.. which will contain my filer and output fan... im just going to cut a hole in the top of the box and run the wire behind the box .. what would be a good way to power all the fans ? would i be better off using a battery or somehow wiring it to a wall adaptor...also i would like any other ideas about how to place the lights and what type.. anyu help would be good.. tomorow im going to buy the reflective thing u put under your windshield and im going to put that in the box and that will make it look more professional
  3. ok i took a bunch of pics but its not letting me uload then.. anyways.. what size lights and what kind should i use?i plan on having 2 plants using lst at all time .. and maybe another box with clones eventually.. any suggestions or advice... maybe some help uploading pics lol

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