Mini Gro Update, White Hairs Everywhere

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    here's how my plants look, kinda no clue how long it's been... about two months maybe? they've been under 12/12 for about 2 or 3 weeks now i'd say. the one in the red cup has INSANE white hairs... and now my question for you more experienced growers would be this: is it safe to move my plant in the red solo cup into a bigger pot? i would probably just cut the cup off of the soil & then put the plant into the new pot, add new soil, ta-da... but during this flowering stage with it about to begin budding, do you think it's safe to move it? 
    and then here is my other plant under 12/12, it recently suffered through severe nitrogen toxicity but with trimming and flushing she has slowly been coming back to life, as i can tell through her mini about-to-be-buds. what you all think?!  :hello:

  2. How long have they been flowering

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  3. what strain is this?
  4. Yeah even with them flowering i would move them into bigger containers asap. I can't seem them yielding much at all with the size their in. Also if you do this and want to cut the cup off, be careful of their roots.
  5. i moved it into a bigger pot successfully, they're starting to look sooo good  :yay:
    gonna post pictures once i get good new ones lol, they're starting to reek too!
    no idea what strain either of these are, all i know is that they're gonna be DANK. lol
  6. the seed for the bigger plant came out of a dro nug & the other plant that i moved to the bigger pot was just bagseed, i got lucky hahah

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