Mini glass travel bongs

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  1. Hey iv made a few of these mini glass traveler bongs for myself and a couple mates. was thinking about trying to sell them for around $20-25. Just wanted to see what other people think of them before I committ to ordering a bunch of the glass downstems and bowls to go with the bongs.


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  2. I think it looks kind of cool, what type of bottle is that the top of? Small glass bongs like that cost around $12-15 here, so I'm not sure about your pricing. Maybe where you live $25 would be a good deal.
  3. I'd tend to agree with that. A small bong like that around here with the rubber grommet would cost me around $15
  4. I'd buy one [​IMG]

    Should find caps that work with it too, that way it's better for travel.

    My old bubbler liked the lint in my backpack way too much when I used to take it places.

  5. Thanks for the suggestions, I'm from aus so we don't really have anything to compare to.

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  6. I do like the glass and even with the price id still probably buy one so sign me up for that. Let me know if you decide to start making and disturbing them
  7. Sweet that's awesome to hear, I'll definetly let you know when it happens!

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  8. Yeah, I'd like to know too. That's a fun little unique piece! If there's nothing to compare it to in Aus for pricing, then forget what I said, you can pretty much name your own price there and you could probably get $25.
  9. Can you make one that holds a mini jar and caps both and keeps anything in the jar dry, and a cap for your down stem this way you can travel with water and not dump it all in your bag. Below is a drawing of my idea good luck I hope it works out and I would totally buy one if you do make one

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