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  1. I was wondering what lights to use and how many, I was looking around at some of the stealth grow's and i was thinking about using a 125W 2700K Red Spectrum Mogul Base Compact Fluorescent Grow Lamp, I have 2 small plants already should be 3 in a few days one just sproughted n guna plant others are about a week along, And should i make a carbon filter for this or do you think it will not smell? the plants are God's hash plant,
    Master kush, Ninja turtle I was thinking about buying a 6" fan or 2 for this, Money isnt really a problem so im looking for adive but i dont wana spend like $200 on a light for it, the light i said earlier is 50$ and i was wondering if that would go into a normal light or would i half to buy some thing? I saw a thread few days ago were some one had 2 mini one look'd just like the one in this,
    Bright Wing 105W 6500K 5500 Lumens CFL Grow Light - Plantlighting Hydroponics
    Im hoping atleast one is female, Also should i buy some reflective paper to line the inside?
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    that light would work for flowering but not tht good for vegging(the one u mention on top).. r u planning on 12/12 from day 1? no matter what kind of strain (tht i kno of) u grow, it will still smell.. mayb some more than others.. could you post some pics of the fridge??? what is the l/w/h?? but NO MATTER what you will need intake and exhaust plants need fresh air!!lol
  3. theres already 2 holes cut out in the back. one near the middle left for intake and top right for exhaust perfect size for a computer fan to fit each

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