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  1. I just recently germinated and planted a couple of seeds and so far 2 of them have sprouted. I wanted to grow one indoor and the rest outside once they sprout. In my room I have a mini fridge with a lock on the front of it. Its dimensions are 15.5 high, 15 wide, and 12 deep. All measurements are in inchs. I was thinking of emptying it out and hooking up 2-3 cfls and growing in it. The first pictures of the inside of the fridge. Second picture of the door of the fridge. I'm going to break off the white bar if i decide to grow inside. Third picture of the fridge empty. Third picture of the fridge empty. I'm going to remove the blue thing at the top and put the cfl's there. Forth picture is of the back of the fridge. I'm going to need to put a hole in it somewhere so i can feed through a wire.

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  2. It would work... But not much room at all... 1 small plant is it.... Would be a nice lil clone starter tho.....
  3. I was only planning on growing one plant in it. I'm thinking of using 3 cfl's, what type would I need?
  4. Warm White... Cool White.. Daylight.... any of them is good... check and get the one with the most lumens....

    Make sure to get at least 1 Warm White sence its better for flowering....
  5. im just wondering if anyone thing it will be bad cuz the fridge is air tight unless there is a intake and exaust fan
  6. well he didn't bring it up, but i would think he would know that he needs an intake and exhaust fan, or at least an exhaust and a hole for intake.
  7. I have two small computer fans... one i'm going to have faning above the top of the plant/lights and the other will be at the bottom... I plan on drilling 5-8 holes and attaching the fan there... so basically the fan will suck air through the 5-8 holes
  8. I would definetly advise making some bigger holes. If you're using fans from an old PC, get a holesaw and make some (presumably) 80mm holes in your fridge, and then mount the fans in that, one as intake and one as exhaust.
  9. heres pics of the grow in the mini fridge... Theres two 13 watt, 800 lumens lights and a computer fan... I'm hooking up another light tomorrow and making a hole for the fan later tonight... what do you guys think?

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  10. 26 watts isn't going to yield a damn thing. I'm surprised it's even keeping the plants alive. If I were you I'd goto Home Depot and buy some CFL's that are at least 100 watts each. Steal them if you have to cause i know those bitches are expensive.
  11. u gotta get those lights closer or they will get real stretched out
  12. how far away from the lights should they be? they're starting to grow and the leaves are pointing up. i'm grabbing another cfl tomorrow morning. Should the fan stay on the entire time the lights are? what light schedual should i use 18/6 or 24/0??? should i line the inside with tin foil?

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