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Mini-Fridge Grow Box!!!

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by Dopehead_680, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. They're looking good bud! Excited to see the results of this box. Good job bud!
  2. yeah man deff lookin good how many watts you got in there again homie
  3. I read this journal from beginning to end and I have to say..

    Good job.
  4. im with lowkey, i read it as well Nice Job bro! and +REP!:cool:
  5. thanks for the props guys its appreciated,... feeding my ego lol j.p.

    4 26w cfls,...ea w/100watt incandescent equiv.
  6. well i still cant rep you but it is still lookin good man stayin green, and makin bud, everything seems perfect, go look at them again, somethings gotta be wrong lol, jk dude very nice job sofar later
  7. well to be 100% honest I feel the same way haha,...things are going way to well, and well as murphy says, what ever can go wrong will at the least expected and least appropriate moment.

    few more weeks :) so pumped 3+4 were projected for two more weeks and 5+6 another 4 however I think it might go longer at this point. harvesting 3+4 in two weeks would mean id flush now and with little trichs thats a waste

    new projections:
    3+4 first weeks of august
    5+6 last weeks of August first weeks of september

    smoking chirstmas trees :)


    p.s. you been smokin shwag for months now lucky, i feel bad bro lol gotta get your grow on.
  8. yeah man, nugs are expensive, and why buy them when you could grow them, plus im not in a situation to grow anymore, so, I SMOKE SHITTY FUCKIN SCHWAG, actually its pretty good shitty schwag. Well i dont really get shitty schwag, prolly instead of schwag being like 3-4% thc, the shit up here usually is like 6-9% thc. Sept like two weeks ago some dude was chargin 25 n 8th, 5grams. Bought it SHIT WAS BROWN, SMOKED THE WHOLE EIGHT AND DIDNT GET A SLIGHT BUZ. That shit was everywhere. About two weeks later i found some ak-48 that my bud just got done wit and i got n 8th for $30. Pretty dank shit , but other than that i smoke shitty schwag, drooling at your pics wishing i could still be growin so i give you guys advice to keep me not growing lol.
  9. haha exactly ive grown one plant under 30 watts of flouro tubing and got 17g, you could have gotten more wit more lights, but a half ounce off of 30 watts, your clock radio in the kitchen uses more power than that
  10. well do what you gotta do to get by
    I myself jus ran out two three days ago and wish i had even the schwaggiest right not just to have something.

    i appreciate the advise and i totally agree, more light! but i mean given the situation and turn of events i think we're doing alright with the cards we were dealt, but, boy would i love to see what these plants would look like right now if they were still under halides.

    i dont want to get a head of myself but i already have plans for the next grow. involving the metal halides from before + these CFLs two monster plants grown in the same method im doing these 4. less plants more light should give us a way better grow then this one.:cool:

    its kinda cool, theyre starting to get a coat of "icing" if you look close enough im hoping a few more days or a week and ill have some nice "snow cones" to take some pics of lol.

    till later
  11. Love the plants, keep up the good work? Curious of the dimenions of that mini fridge?, and what climate you live in?(state)
  12. Thats really cool dude...
  13. itz pandy:
    I don't remember 100% but back when we started the project i believe i settled on 17X17X30,...ish? I cant for the life of me find a tape measurer. should i ind it ill post accurate specs.


    although i dont feel comfortable exposing my exact location i can tell you it is the start of summer here and temps are getting high, between 70-90 daily decent humidity. but the plants are doing well.

    again thanks all
  14. 91 Days since planting
    50 days since 12/12
    30 days since first pre-flowers

    so a couple of the plants are becoming heavy with buds, one or to colas are starting to lean like that Italian thing. was surfin' around for methods of holdin them up, I'm unfortunately not seeing much for how to do it to LST plants,... i mean a tall ass plant you can tie around the stem but i don't think i can tie a bud to a pole to hold it up right?

    also later tonight im gonna take a trip "down the hill" to check on the grow, main focus will be number 3, last time i was there it was looking very promising, however all the kids will get a portrait, 3 will prob just have more.

    stay tuned tokers
  15. ill be waitin bro
  16. beautiful grow man, everything looks supurb. You could get a pole and stick it in the pot then tape strings to the top of it and loop the string around each leaning bud and tie it to the desired tension/height. Does that sound sensible?

  17. I think you are talking about the leaning tower of Pisa?
    Ha ha very funny.
  18. VTEC: Haha yeah, however i was attempting humor.:) the Humorous part is the kids reading this right now going,... what in Italy leans?

    with out further ado:
    [open the fridge and your met with a wall of pot, umm notice the screen? tips were gettign scorched so, did what i had to do.]
    [classic bic cricket for size reference]
    [side/underside, more buds then plant]
    [look at the bottom half and find te rim of the pot,.... this bud goes all the way down and bends like 75* and then goes right to the side stem it started on]
    [Nute burns/ light bulb burns, here and there but its a pretty solid plant]

    Judging by how it is now by harvest it should be like all bud no like real trimming or nothing just chop and hang. haha, dont want to get cocky or over confident tho,...

  19. DAMN MAN, that will be sweet wow they look so green looks great bro
  20. Very nice grow I've been following it for awile now and have made a similar fridge grow box, just waiting for lights and fans!

    I have one question, what size are the new cups you planted in? Oh.. and is only one plant in each cup?

    Your grow is amazing, good job.

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