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Mini-Fridge Grow Box!!!

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by Dopehead_680, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. so just checked when i drove out earlier and 5 is budding female!

    idk how the hell i pulled off 4/4 females,....


    all kids look really nice just waiting for 5 to look someone similar to the rest before next picture update. Planning thursday or friday for that.

    co2 reactor working nicely, no exact measurments yet but im assuming its pumping enough into the space.(stopped curling from heat)

    fridge ideas the best stealth idea ive ever thought of you should totally go for it

    man I actually need the money however i put my extra MH over my fish tank where it belongs sorry bro :) cheapest place iv found to get MH shit.

    thanks for the props everyone
  2. Nice LST dude! I must recommend you re pot asap. Your roots are bound already i bet, and root rot will not be far behind. I would get the largest container possible. I also anticipate this will cause issues with your air flow but figure it out before it is to late. I would also recommend cease tying after 2 weeks into flowering. My old handle has a "Maxlst" thread that might be of interest.
  3. i re potted 5 and 6 (not root bound but could be by the end of flowering)
    left 3 and 4 alone (really not too many roots poking through)

    not gonna lie after re potting i immediately feel disrespect but having clear pots let me peak at the roots and they have never gotten bad. but being a noob i heard advice and jumped.

    i don't think there will be any harm done. totally didn't think to mention i'm 3 weeks into 12/12 however the two i re potted are further behind in flwoering then 3 and 4 which im nervous to fuck with if i dont have to.

    any advise?!?!

    kinda don't know what to do at this point.
  4. checked on my way to work, things look ok. my biggest concern is bigger pots, bigger roots, bigger plant.

    Im gonna buy two more things of soup from the local deli so i can get two mroe pots the same size and do 3 snd 4 tonight.

    lastly ill drop all 4 to the bottom shelf and leave them the fck alone here out.
    this will give them 8 more inches to grow into.

    also i havnt stopped tucking yet. HD recommends I stop tying by 2nd week. given my size restraint tho its not goodtheyd end up burnt, or in the fans and shit so I do want to continue all the way to well harvest pretty much.

    IDK maybe i don't know what I'm doing, first grow and all but i dont see tucking to be that stress full, i mean in a sog they grow around shit, basically thats all i'm making it do except i'm making it grow around itself.

    really looking for some input from my boys vtec, enuff, or yer lucky, you guys have been very helpful and all know wat your doing preciate all the input you guys have given.

  5. Man i totally understand what your saying to see the roots haha get black kinda heavy but black garbage bags and put them around the deli cups maybe a porn shop bag??? HA fuck that nevermind but seriously keep clear containers get little black bags if you can still get allot of light in just put on a second bag but like put velcro on the top ring of the planter and pull away to open to see roots??? Yup Yup who is a fucking genious. LOL i geek myself out sometimes but whatever what ya think?
  6. I agree if height is an issue i would tie as needed but try to keep all the tops/tips at the same height if you need to tie more. I think you will get some sick buds. Good luck.
  7. Yer lucky:
    Like a month ago I made sleeves out of navy blue poster board so i could protect the roots from light and slide it off to inspect em. but good thinking bro fo sho.

    yeah ok thats kinda what i figured id do but they have 6 inches from the lights now plenty of room to grow a bit and i'm thinking of putting up a screen two inches below the lights to deter the plants from hitting the light but they are all transfered like i said im not taking the camera out till after work thursday.

    again thanks for all the help!!!!

    p.s. I agree :) its all ready starting to look like an ocean of bud sites!!!
  8. yeah i know but for maybe a little bigger deli containers i didnt know but it was just my idea it sounded great when i wrote it but i was fried, now im not and it sounds like just some other idea lol when u gettin some new pics bro
  9. YER Lucky:
    Werd bro i get what your saying now(i was/am pretty gone myself). fortunately the bigger deli cups i got are opaque so no protection it necessary. as far as pics go i brought the camera to the space and left it there so as soon as all 4 have some decent flowers the camera is there and ready. re potting yesterday of course stunted them for the day maybe tomorrow two but judging by the others growth rate, 5 should need 2 maybe 3 days tops to have really nice pic worthy flowers.

    I brought my fiance to the space with me today for her nose. (she cant smoke so her noes picks up pot way better then mine) said she couldn't smell any pot at all until after I opened the fridge so the free carbon scrubber i whipped together is actually pretty efficient!
  10. haha
    here ya go mate

    sea of green without all the hassle of cloning
    close up of a bud on 3
    cool little shot of 4

    :cool:feeling pretty confident about this grow at this point.
    id love to start like a pool,... i mean no way to do it with money but "take bets" so to speak.

  11. dam boy that is looking like a mini fridge forest lol VERY nice dude mad props
  12. what ya wanna bet man, and on what
  13. yield,.. i kno thats highly variable but just for shits and giggles

  14. LOL this is wicked, i plan on doing something similar in nature... how many plants have you got in there? im looking at like a 3.6 CF mini fridge is that what you are using? im also curious about your Yield haha will keep my eyes on this! shiiiiat. looks good.
  15. idunno man MAX per plant would be 3/4 oz per plant Max. But i think i would say 1.5-2.5 oz total
  16. you dont think by cutting out some plants like 2, to give the others more room to grow would increase overall yield of the remainder of the plants ? i think more could be achieved, i remember reading another thread where 31 grams was achieved in a pc grow .. which is quite a bit for such a small space... oh well im still interested in this grow and will follow to end. good stuff.
  17. why didnt you jus say an fat oz man but anyways i think he should keep it the way it is with for if it gets too crouded take one of the smallest out unless you think one of the bigger ones are weaker than the smaller ones, but he can do what he wants bigger planters - more hight needed hence it is a MINI fridge, good job dopehead you got the idea bro dont let people make yourself question yourself payce
  18. It's so awesome.

    open the door to a lovely forest of buds at this point.

    all 4 plants have kicked into full flowering

    3 and 4 have stopped growing in height however 5 and 6 have shot up a bit taller. so its actually becoming more of a "quarter pipe" of weed (the ramp not the smoking device).

    gotta do some research but starting to make predictions for completion. any suggestions? i'm thinking second or third full week in august?
  19. couple of quick pics.
    the two that started early

    They're on day 77 since sprouts, day 36 since 12/12 and day 16 since i saw the first preflowers on 3 and 4.

    temps are spiking uber high typically 90-95* but only for a few hours at a time during their night cycle, midday in reality.
    the co2 reactors running and the plants dont seem to be stressing much

    watering has all but halted, watering 20oz water with tigerbloom every 3-4 days
    Misting with water and thrive alive 2-3 times a day.

    waiting impatiently for trich production to start

  20. well its actually day 84 some time later i will check the thread and add in this edit.

    heres the kids

    been getting kinda warm out but the plants seem ok


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