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Mini-Fridge Grow Box!!!

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by Dopehead_680, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. so after an hours work last night the babies look better then ever.

    My partners been my best friend since knee-high but hes about as nurturing as a desert.

    for weeks our babies have been on overdrive trying to cope with the fact that these big fan leaves at the bottom were still pulling energy but surely to damaged to be storing much chlorophyll. as i stated before they are vegging so pruning now is no biggie.

    i also tied all the side branches down
    this is 6,... something tells me this is of different genetics then the rest. Does anyone else notice its longer more slender leaf shape then the rest. Although we are LST it doesn't seem to be growing quite the same proportions either.
    4 Notice how Even though it still has some damaged leaves I didn't take em off. with any plant I try not to do a lot of pruning initially. wait till theres enough growth to compensate for what I'm removing. thats still the way to do it right, like nothing changes cause its cannabis?

    3 took some abuse in the move. couple of leaves that over hang the pot got severed :-/.
    5 looks really bad I know... though sprayer was on jet and it was on spray as a result the thrive-alive burned leaves where it landed. i did my best to dab off but missed a bunch.

    im supposed to go do some errands today in my travels i want to grab some cool whites for flowering and some supplies for the odour sock. however I'm particularly high right now and dont know if ill get that far.

    next weekend heavy duty alterations are being done to the box.
    the fixtures currently gorilla taped to a rack are going to be made semi-permanent in the box.

    my plan is to get a small piece of scrap wood from the shed and then drill out some holes and bolt these bad larrys into a move able fixture complete with a reflector

    Thankfully, the new space is a lot closer to where I live. Close enough that I can run down in some spare time rather then plan out some time to drive out so I can be a little more diligent with updates and maintenance on the plants.\

    Really looking for some input. My uncle spent years upon years after 'nam building grow houses and shit for people and had countless projects of his own,he's since "retired" but occasionally I'll get those gems of wisdom from him but i like all the advise i can get.

    till next time

  2. sup dopehead - im just a newbie on my second successful soil grow... and sittin here awestruck by ur setup !! much props for ur ingenuity.. regarding ur ? i think it shld be centered to insure efficient light distribution but dats ust tha nerd in me lol ... wait to see wut tha pro's thinketh... Gl !!!
  3. hey D/H ... forgive me - i was on page 1 replying and 4got how many damn pages there were ... lol so sorry ..
  4. Your plants are crap because you have them in Clear containers, that light pollutes the roots and they have severly stunted growth. I dont care about your size parameters, your plants need certain requirements to thrive, and yours are easily not thriving.

    You can choose to keep your current configuration, but you wont grow jack crap in the long run.

    If you keep your arrogant attitude i assure you, you will only end up with a very small ammount of weed, if you can even get the plant to be a female and finish its life cycle.

    :( :smoking:
  5. While I'm not gonna sit here and call your plants crap, I have noticed a general concensus on the clear plastic. Can you paint or tape over them? If you like being able to see roots, can you get another set of tubs the same size and paint over them, then put the plant containers in the second, opaque set and pull them out occasionally to get a view, then place them back inside. It would quiet a lot of nay-sayers, and it would also confirm or deny some of the plant-health problems you seem to be facing.

  6. my apologies if i seemed arrogant.
    I wrapped them in dark blue poster board and gorilla tape. so thats that.

    went out to the space today

    before tonights training session.
    and after, red lines are tie downs

    just spreading everything out so the stem and nodes get uber light.

    and the plants today,....[​IMG]

    Looking at the pics i realize i really should prune the last of those old burned leaves off.

    and group shot after training

    Watered lightly with grow big and thrive alive. gotta figure out the the last of my timer situation and build a carbon sock still before i can flower but they're already out growing the box.
  7. So a new light fixture for CFLs it holds 4 bulbs.\

    the babies are at the height we decided on before we started this grow. All the way over the opposite edge we started at.

    so I topped them and they've been one 12/12 for about a day or two. any ideas how long before we start seeing some pre-flowers going on?

  8. got out to the space watered heavily,... sucked up an unusually high amount of water over the past day

    temps still steady between high 60's mid 70's
    humidity 30%-50% daily

    I think I might be seeing some pre-flowers on a couple but uber-tiny.
    [​IMG]6 (still my favorite)

    Opinions?Constructive criticism?

  9. so you gonna flower with cfl's i havent really seen a journal where somebody flowered with cfl's it sucks but i gues i aint looking hard enough but what u gonna do
  10. 2 days ago I got out to the space to do some maintenance

    some b4 and afters

    forgot camera when i went earlier but almost double the bud sites
    weaved tucked and such and well now iv exposed another large mass of nodes in a day or two i'm hoping to have some nice pics bringing my macro lens out to get some close ups of the pre flowers.


  11. nice fix on that plant man that snapped back fairly quick a couple days but good job. They look really nice man, so dude are you gonna flower under them cuz i would to get fluffy buds instead of hard peices of rock that squishes most of the thcglands.
  12. this is looking nice. looking foreward to some tasty looking buds. ;P
  13. So i was gonna go to H.D. so build a carbon scrubber. I decided first to look around for any spare stuff to make one with around the crib, sure enough, not a dime spent.

    step one: grab some Ziploc #4 containers with the cover(coincidently it is the same diameter as the extra ducting I found in the basement)
    Step 2: Drill a metric ass-load of holes (i used an "X-acto" knife to make small pin holes and a scissor to bore 'em out.
    Step 3: Measure, fit and, cut screen securing to inside rim, leave approx 1cm from top or lid wont work.
    step 4: Cut out lid leaving only rim and secure to the end of a standard dryer duct.
    step 5: attach cup to top

    ah serendipity
  14. So three out of four have began flowering. #5 has just started to show the first pre-flowers this evening. however, magnifier in hand it was still too small for my horrible eyes to see if they were pollen sacks or pistils, I'll know in a day or so.

    so the kids

    Didn't bother taking pics of #5. If it shows sex and it turns out to be a hermaphrodite ill throw it outside.

    also, I got to the space today(obvi) as I opened the door i was hit with the sweet smell of sensimillia. Dropped a 4" by 13" pond/aquarium mesh filter bag into the ziploc container and filled with approx 16 oz. of rinsed carbon. grabbed some take away from macky dees. returned about a half hour later to no odor :)

    lastly I'm on week 3 since 12/12 and well 2, 2.5 weeks since first pre-flowers. I'm thinking first week in July? I mean of course I'll let the trichs dictate but rough estimate.

    would really like some input if any one has a moment :rolleyes:.

    till next time (once theres some nuggets on 'em)

  15. nice man. How big are those containers you got them in and about how tall are they after the lst? Lookin good tho keep it up. Radiacrack has a cheap microscope thats what a few buddies of mine use. I cant grow cuz my girl would freak out plus its illegal and i have one of the strictest states for growin mary. Well let the trichs tell ya i'd wait till theyre almost all amber depends on what type of high you want cloudy is like a daily kinda buz where you can do shit, the more amber they get the more of a couchlock they have. So maybe harvest over a two week period so you have the whole array of bud for daily use, and when you really wana get baked bust out the bud with all amber trichs to lock you to the couch. Personally i dont like the boob tube so, i got computer lock buds.
  16. awesome setup man
    good job
    i jus bought a mini fridge last week :ey: hahaha
  17. Yer lucky guy:
    Thanks man they are actually deli cups from the local stop and rob. Idk the exact container size however its about 5.5"tall 4/5" diameter.
    the plants are about 6" off the soil at the highest points

    also I like your harvest at different times. I love smoking at work but i cant be useless cause then my boss gets annoyed. So that way I could have my three joints a day at work of some good weed, then a nice joint on the drive home to get good and stoned.\

    The 5th:
    Thanks bro! Do it up,... id use more cfls then I am tho,.... next grow ill employ more.

    news and updates:

    Loving the fact I'm able to get out to the space so often now,

    5's pre-flowers were big enough to see today,... female...
    feeling pretty lucky that i got 4 out of 4

    since heats getting up there I bought and installed a co2 reactor. I wanted to set one up with a huge paintball canister and regulator but to poor and lazy so I set up a simple fermentation reactor. yeast water and sugar.
  18. Hey man, I just read through your grow. Seems to be working out as planned. Im anxious to see how those CFL's flower your plants. Keep them growing. Good Luck
  19. cool grow, i may be going to a fridge shortly after i get all my equipment.
  20. true man i didnt know if you knew that but it was a little insite cuz thats what i did so i wouldnt be useless like you said, cant wait to see how tall they get once they are in full flower tho props on setup wanna sell your other light man?

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