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Mini-Fridge Grow Box!!!

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by Dopehead_680, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. are you sure they're 10,000k? how many lumens do they put out i'd be really interested to know i have a 175w mh and it puts off 16-17000 lumens but its deffinitly no fishtank mh lol
  2. VTEC,

    I don't have the baby book in front of me, however if i remember its not getting too warm in there 76 on average peaked to about 86 on day 14 but we fixed all that with btr air circulation.

    I like the idea of heat stress tho, i can fix that.

    thanx bro

    I got to get out to the space soon see if i can find a box or something cause can't find anything on the interweb about lumen output and i damn sure ain't dumpin' the loot on a luxometer.

    In all fairness do not judge lighting by pictures, i had to adjust the exposure and such to compete with the light and take a clear picture. as a result picture in the fridge appear really blue cause i had to make them really dark.

    but keep an eye out ill post your answers as soon as i got them.

  3. i'm not talking shit or anything i was just wondering if they're similiar/the same just a different form, lookin good bro
  4. check out my shiit broo throw some feedback my way lol
  5. So I grabbed the baby book and we've got a thermometer that gives you high and low temperatures. so out daily highs have been averaging 85-87 degrees for an hour or so mid day. Most of the day its low 70's

    as a result
    number 3
    number 4
    number 5
    number 6(duh)

    its a tose up

    I want to drill to more holes and put in secondary intake and exhaust if its getting this warm on a temperate spring day heaven knows what summers gonna be like.

    my boy thinks a battery operates fan blowing right on the babies will suffice.


    looking at Co2 devices. im thinking of using a co2 reactor made for fish tanks. basically its a sealed cylinder in which you put sugar yeast and water. and the reaction leaks Cos out line into desired fish tank or terrarium.

    it seems like the same principle as the old bottle and rubber stopper technique.

    see ya
  6. Yup those temps are high enough to curl the leaf edges like that from pic one. Not bad though.
  7. thanks VTEC

    temps were a high of merely 74 degrees. looking better, number 3, the one with the most stressed is still messed. However its already got another node or two since those bad leaves so all in all its looking pretty good.

    numbers three and four have begun training and are learning with honors haha. tied last night, fours already back up an inch with a fresh node tied it back down. 3 is a bit slower but for obvious reasons.

    all and all, plants look like they are recovering a bit.

    ill grab some shots next time im at the space. building inspector scheduled for saturday

    if I move the babies to a seperate location will they be ok under 96Ws of pc lighting for like 24 hours? I'm almost + it'll be fine but I want some outside advise. Should I wrap them in blankets before I move them?

    I have never had an "interruption" like this before I feel very ill-prepared.

  8. OH OK I thought you said sometime in there it got to 86 degrees. Yeah you can go from 18/6 to 24/7 light or whatever without a problem. Even interrupting dark periods etc and erratic light schedules, in veg, should not hurt them.
  9. glad to see some talk of UVB and its relation to THC in here. I used my Ceramic Metal Halide the Philips MasterColor full spectrum bulb and it produces quite a bit of UVB as well as more red than hps and more blue than mh and man oh man did it ever give my buds a ton of trichomes cause they were all covered, the Bubbleberry, the NL and the Kali Mist all very good strains and supposed to be dripping with resin and THC but I definitely notice a huge difference in potency and quantity of trichomes as opposed to previous times I have smoked these strains under different lighting situations. I am high as hell on NL right now and man it is very strong and last a long time, has the staying power so to speak after only smoking a small amount. ;) Definitely sold me on using CMH in all my grows from now on but I will be incorporating a HPS or mixed spec bulb into the mix to see how much better I can get from here.
  10. packing up and moving to another location wasn't necessary but better safe then sorry. The babies are growing slow but steady.

    temperatures still ranging from low to mid 70s a good 18-19 hours and low 80s for a couple hours of the day.

    my general opinion is ill ignore the high for this grow. I will make improvements before the next grow. it gets 80-90 curing mid day in Mexico and Saudi Arabia and such so well,... I'm not to alarmed. I'm not trying to grow gold, just trying to supplement my supply.

    in the move number threes stem was damaged slightly. i don't see it begin much of an issue.

  11. went out to the space earlier


    nice temps

  12. Ok so nutes

    Tiger Bloom by fox farm for flowering

    I was looking at Superthrive and a customer near me said superthrives great stuff but to try this other stuff, same thing only organic. Its called Thrive-Alive B.

    You dilute 3ml into a l and use with every watering. It even smells just like superthrive. Has anyone ever used this. Its 1-1-1 so i'm thinking do we need some sort of other additive on top of this?



    I watered lightly with the thrive-alive B

    somehow a fan got turned off and it got up to 87 this morning how ever the plants don't seem to be showing any signs of new heat stress. I mean the bottom couple of nodes are damaged but thats water under the bridge.

    i drilled small holes in the pots and tied the plants to the side.
    The tie-downs were all popped off this morning so i figured it was time to switch method.

    opinions, thoughts, anything?
  13. Pictures 2, 5,6 show folded over leaves indicating heat stress.
    Other than that looks good. The Fox Farm for flower is good, they also make one for veg which you need. The superthrive and other one will be fine but 1-1-1 is not enough.
  14. Thanks bro,

    I know they have one for veg, but, for the life of me i couldn't remember the name.
    got any suggestions VTEC??

    Well as far as heat stress thats sheer irresponsibility on our part. Unfortunately as soon as the temperature stabilizes for a few days my partner in crime feels the need to touch something. Haha. Nah it was an accident and one of the fans got unplugged so we were running on one fan all day. From what he was saying it was over 90* yesterday when he was there.
    plugged in fan back to 70's with in a half hour. its still early, using the thrive alive and some time should help them come back from the heat stress. anyone agree?

    given the sudden, rapid growth rate my estimate for veg time may be a lot shorter. within the last week they have shot up dramatically. I know its a mutt, however given the space between nodes and the length of the leaves i think maybe more indica then sativa ,...It's just bag seed we're not expecting gold but still taking interest in the little details.

    within the next couple of days I will go back to start anchoring the kids to the opposite end of the pot. pics will follow. As y'all know, we're LST so I'm hoping these , albeit, redundant but constant photo updates may help some people looking for a more detailed
    explanation of our take on a tried and true method.

  15. The veg food by Fox Farm is called Grow Big.
  16. yeah grow big thats it, thanks bro, im going to pick some up tomorrow, gonna go to h.d. as well and build a carbon sock.

    once the scrubber is assembled and installed (late tomorrow night) 18/6 will be initiated.

    so we started the plants about 4-5" lower in the pot to allow the side wall to support the first few stages of training. however given the over all girth of the plants we decided to "transfer" the plants into a pot with more soil in it.

    no group shots or anything like that spent enough time and stirred up enough activity for one morning.

    heres what we did tho.
    *New container with some soil in the bottom
    *Next flip(looks violent but i'm actually not touching the plant really
    *Using a thin box cutter without the razor in it we filled soil around the outer edge.
    *Now to show how we chose pretty easy to follow without commentary

    in the mean time i got some GTA4 to attend to
    got some GTA4 to get to games so nasty.
  17. You really need to put them in a 3 gallon black bucket, using a clear object will only allow the light to penetrate and subject the Roots to very unapealing growth.
  18. well whoreable if you go back and read about our set up you will see 3 gallon buckets will not fit.
    anything much bigger then what were using will not fit.

    however it doesn't matter much.

    neighbors moved out today and in the chaos someone found and reported a suspicious box to the land lord.

    im gonna try and grow them at another locale. but i think were screwed.:(
  19. ok so after blowing three circuit we gave up trying to put the fridge in a new location.

    instead we altered the box.

    it is now running 3 GE 100s,.... 26w at 1750 lumens
    its a really yellow spectrum and well with all the commotion im holding off on flowering for another week or so.

    we'll see how things look in time but at least no one got in trouble and everyone involved was ok with everything in the end as long as it was moved.


    any input?
  20. Thanks for making your grow so accessible. It has been very educational, keep up the good work!:hello:

    P.S. Good luck with the new lighting and locale.

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