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Mini-Fridge Grow Box!!!

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by Dopehead_680, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. great little setup!

    good luck with the grow

  2. About putting any reflective material up... Tin/Aluminum foil is only going to create hot spots and it's even that reflective.

    honestly, just keep those walls white. White walls reflect way more might than that pesky foil. Mylar or "white walls" is the way to go.
  3. Thanks for the advice on the mylar n such we put a sheet of aluminum foil on the door however i smoothed out as much creases as i could so there shouldn't be many hot spots if any. ill keep an eye out.

    thanks all
  4. Thanks for the advice on the mylar n such we put a sheet of aluminum foil on the door however i smoothed out as much creases as i could so there shouldn't be many hot spots if any. ill keep an eye out.

    thanks all
  5. I like this idea.
  6. I like the fridge plan, looking forward to see how this goes
  7. You want the dull side reflecting light though, if your using tin/aluminum foil.
  8. ill be watching bro! :hello:
  9. theres really only one or two things i see wrong the tinfoil has to go (my bad if someone already said that) and heat rises so you should turn the fan ontop to be outtake instead of intake like you have it and make the bottom one intake with another fan right next to it lol.....are those fishtank mh? what color spec are they they look really nice blue
  10. They are indeed fish tank bulbs and im alostt 100% sure its 10,000 Kelvin obvi cant read bulb haha. im not a the space now but when im there later i will check for you.

    we ended up putting the shelf back in to level them off so we didnt have any closer to the light.

    once our seeds germ and we get some sprouts above the surface we will post again

    until next time
  11. The surface of our gravel has started growing algae. My assumption is too much moisture? gonna cut back on watering for sure.

    We have four seedlings out of six pots. all looking good. forgot camera when i went to the space ergo, no pictures at the moment.

    We were having some problems with temperature, but we found the original racks that went in the fridge,and decided to use them. Air seems to be circulating much better. Before we put the shelf in, we had tempereatures between 80-95. now its sitting at a cool 78. thank god.

    oh and the light's 10,000k
  12. Nice little setup. I am curious to see how that 10,000k light works for you. Check out this section from a book written by Van Patten.

    •Reflective materials: They make stuff that is even better than Mylar. It is called foylon. According to George Van Patten, here are the best reflective surfaces:
    •\tFoylon 94-95 percent reflected
    •\tReflective Mylar 90-95 percent reflected
    •\tFlat White Paint 85-93 percent reflected
    •\tSemi-Gloss White Paint 75-80 percent reflected
    •\tFlat Yellow Paint 70-80 percent reflected
    •\tAluminum Foil 70-75 percent reflected
    •\tBlack less than 10 percent reflected
    •\tHe does not give a percentage for reflection of mirrors but, he does say that mirrors reflect light but, much less than Mylar because much of the reflected light is lost when passing through the glass.

    Best wishes with the grow, I will be watching.
  13. thanks

    good to see we attracted the interest of a mod.

    im hoping the 10,000K will actually help a lot.

    I had done a lot of research into the production of trichs. almost everything i learned was about UVB spectrum increasing the overall productivity rate. while UVA increases potency of trichs.

    yellow bulb heavier in UVA
    Blue bulb heavier in UVB
    White is balance.

    I saw this on youtube. An older gentleman used to have like 15-20. 15 minute episodes about the chemistry and biology of the cannabis plant, however i can no longer find them. Common problem with my brain, I smoke pot therefore i forget.

    I digress

    i then researched the color spectrum of every light available for a double ended metal halide fixture and 10,000K is the equivalence to equatorial noon sun, also, it has an even balance of UVA/UVB.

    i hope to grab some pics in a few days

    until then
  14. I saw it mentioned before, but it was worth repeating. If your intake fan is at the top of your unit and the exhaust is at the bottom, you would be well advised to reverse them. The intake (of cooler, fresher air) should come in the bottom, up through your plants foliage, circulate around your hot bulb (cooling the bulb, warming the air), and be vented at the top so as soon as the air becomes warmed, its removed from your environment. Your more powerful fan should be the exhaust, to keep a vacuum drawing air in. Of course, if you already have it this way... well... uh, keep up the good work! Carry on...

  15. if it is written that way i was high

    exhaust is at the top haha. id consider myself kinda slow if i did it backwards haha

    as it sets now there are 6 deli cups on a rack at about midway up in the fridge, very nice air circulation.:cool:

    thanks for the advise tho bro.

  16. I just read that, didn't even bother looking... didn't think someone would mention it if it wasn't the case. I guess someone would.

    Shelf greatly improved air circulation, it actually warms up if you open the door, kind of a good sign.
    our best looking prospect at the moment
    5 out of 6, we had a fallen soldier my boy was planting a new one
    just popped above the surface
    little bit of remnants from where the seed case fell off

    We're basically playing the waiting game

    we're using distilled water at the moment because i ran out of R.O. water.
    watching the plants grow.

    anything you guys suggest to kinda get ahead of the game? I feel as if i should be doing something other then wait.

    any good links or info about how long we should be waiting before nutrients. more specifically feeding scheduals and such? Of course I'll be looking myself but its good to have some outside input.

  18. sorry pics are hug and i can't figure out how to make em smaller without exerting any effort.

    The children
    number 3
    numbah too
    just a couple.
    number three concerns me can anyone else see the curling of the leaves? two others are really stretched so we put the shelf up a level. they are now 6 inches from the light, as apposed to just around a foot. We'll pop them back down if they look like they start getting heat burns.

    I mounded up some soil around the bases of the stretched plants a bit so that they dont fall over.

    We are watering a lot. nearly nightly. can't seem to keep water in the soil,... it stays wet down deep but the top inch inch and a half gets nearly bone dry in a day. In a way i think thats good our humidity runs about 20-25%.

    how do they look peeps?
  19. The folds on number three is slight heat stress.
    Otherwise, baby's look good.

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