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  1. Hi all, okay so my mini (and I mean mini) fridge has died on me so I think I might transform it into a mini grow cab... For first grow I'll have one small scrog plant just so I have time to setup the freezer for growing, then it will be used as the veg box :) cheers

    This is the mini fridge
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1426762030.329228.jpg
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1426762067.899455.jpg

    It's size is 16w x 17h x 13 front to back (and yes I know it's tiny aha)

    My hope is to use 4' passive intake, with 2x 100mm computer fan outtakes, and a 80mm fan circulating air, and for lighting I'm thinking 6 23w cfl's giving me a total of 138w and abit over 10,000 lumens

    Constructive criticism?


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  2. It looks like you did your research and know what you want to do. 
    I don't have any suggestions, your plans seems nice! Keep us updated with building your grow fridge :D
  3. Thanks bro, yea I've been working on my designs for awhile, great hearing you'll think it'll work because I've seen your work and it really is great. Aha once again cheers mate

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  4. Look up some pc desktop tower grows for some innovative ways on getting the most out of a small grow area.

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