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    I'm considering a mini fridge grow box. I was thinking about doing a PC box, but trashed the idea for fear that I wouldn't be able to come up with a solution that would simultaneously eliminate 99% of the smell & keep temperatures below 80*. I'm in a living situation right now where I'm given a great deal of privacy & have a very dirty room & closet that could easily hide a box mini fridge, but smell-proof is a necessity as I live with unfriendlies.

    My mini fridge (like most) has a trapezoid-shaped bulge in the back for the actual refrigeration, etc that leads inside to a small fan in the back/center of the fridge. My thought is that I might be able to remove the refrigeration parts, & implement a quiet bathroom fan hooked up to a pen-holder-style carbon filter. My hope is that this, paired with an active intake (probably one 80mm pc fan on each side of the bottom) will provide me with a bonsai grow box that will look, sound, & smell like a mini fridge from the outside. My fear is that the bath fan, like many people have reported of PC fans, lacks the power to blow through a CF & while maintaining negative pressure in the box.*

    *Note: I have seen a few setups where CF sheets work for PC fans, but the only instances that were tested & proved to work, worked for only a few days even in the early stages of flowering.

    I also plan to have a carbon filter sheet or two over the intakes to accomodate the small amounts of smelly particles that might leaks out, & probably a few ONA blocks throughout the closet that it will be in. And I was considering having carbon pellets line the bottom of the box...does anyone know if CF pellets retain any of the smell passively? It seems like it could act as a mild ONA to keep inside the box without tainting the plants, but my only CF experience is with the TP roll/dryer sheet filter I use for smoking. If anyone knows if active carbon works passively, let me know.

    In theory, it seems like this could be a perfect stealth bonsai setup, but I have no experience & can't afford to take chances on being a guinea pig.

    Sorry to throw so much out there for one of my first posts, I've been thinking about this for a while so a lot of unknowns have developed. To summarize & make it easier to reply, my questions/concerns are:

    1. Will a bathroom fan have enough power to blow through a carbon filter?

    2. Will CF sheets over the active intakes be enough to prevent any smell from exiting through the entrance? It seems like the active air flow itself should be enough, but I don't know.

    3. Do carbon pellets have any value as a passive filter to keep inside the box, either scattered the floor around or maybe in a small cup?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Instead of a bathroom fan or pc fan, consider a 115v ac case fan ( google ac infinity for examples). They move way more air and are small and simple to use.

  3. Do you have any experience with one of these attached to a CF? Looks promising if it's powerful enough...a lot smaller than a bathroom fan.
  4. Also, say I were to figure a way to attack two of these fans to separate lengths of ducting, & then splice the ducting together into one CF...would that increase the pressure of the air & help it move steadily through the CF?
  5. I have one of the 120mm hs versions as an intake. The fans seem have the CFM to move air through the carbon filter but I haven't tried it. I would think a small DIY filter on the inside of the case with one of these fans attached on the outside, pulling air through the filter and exhausting out would work.
  6. That's what I was thinking of doing...I've seen a DIY on another forum where a guy made one of these stealth boxes out of a night stand & used 120mm high speed fans attached to pencil holder CF's, but he ended up just selling the thing & never reported whether the filters actually worked. I guess I may as well go ahead & set it all up & see what the temps are with the CF's attached--worst case I'll just trash the fridge & transfer everything to a bigger case down the road.
  7. I think in that small of a space, you should be good. The tricky part is the heat output of the lights. What lights are you running in there?

  8. Dude, there passive intakes. If air is exhausting out it your going to have a ventilation problem. Make sure your intakes are 1.5 times the size of your exhaust. Pc fans never worked for me, and i'm using a DIY scrubber made from pen holders.

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