Mini fridge auto grow setup. Need advice

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  1. So I've got a mini fridge. :love-m3j:

    I wasn't going to start a new grow until I got into a new place, but it just seems so perfect for a single auto plant stealth grow with cfls.

    I already have a plan to go out to my buddy's and hollow the fridge out Monday.
    Just wondering if you guys can give me some pointers on how to install the lights. Should I install the cfls in the top? Or top and sides? With the sides I'm worried about side branching reaching the bulbs and burning. With the top I'm worried about how stealthy it's gonna be with the wires running through the top and all.

    Also, Mylar or something else?
    And as far as ventilation; what kind of setup do I need for that and where can I obtain it without waiting for an order from online?
    I assume home depot would have something.

    The dimensions of the fridge after being hallowed out should be abooouut

    Width: 17.25in
    Is this going to be tall enough????:confused_2:

    The picture is of the fixtures I have for the cfls. I have three of them. The third having five prongs instead of three.
    I'd say the circular base at the top has a 2.5-3 inch diameter.

    Any other advice is welcome as this is my first concealed grow and I don't really know what I'm doing. Also trying to keep cost to an absolute minimum.

    Thanks GC ladies and gents.:icgreen:

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  2. How are you disposing of the freon?
  3. This
  4. I'm looking all of that up. Just need ideas for once I get to that point. I know it's bad for the atmosphere and what not, and if I have to ill make my own pot in the shape of the available space in the bottom of the fridge with out cutting the bottom back piece out (Where the freon tank is) and avoid the lines.

    Edit: could probably just make it out of reshaped fabric pots.
  5. You're trying to keep costs to a minimum, so I'm sure that rules out proper disposal... And without that, I wouldn't feel right helping you.

    You don't have room for a pot under that btw.
  6. Tight ass, I'm not going to do anything stupid. Don't be so judgmental.
    If you don't want to help then don't. No need to make it a point.
    And I'm sure I could make something work with the bottom.

    Anyyywayyyys, anyone want to give any advice on the light and ventilation setup?
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  7. What do you plan to do about the freezer?
  8. Bend it down to meet the back after I unscrew it. The pipe will bend.

    Now can I get some advice or would you like to continue the interrogation sir?

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  9. Tight-ass's Tips:

    2x PC fans wired to phone chargers.

    You would need to drill 1.5-2" holes in the wall of the fridge for ventilation (one at the top one at the bottom). The back is usually only insulation, making it the easiest to drill through... if you did not have freon lines there... So you'd need to cut through the side or something instead.

    You'd also need to cut a 1" hole to run the cords for the lights/fans through.

    Check around the rubber seal on the door, some will let you remove the inner door panel, giving you a lot of room.
    There's a big risk of that pipe cracking and releasing freon if you bend it 90° btw.
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  10. Thank you.
    Any ideas on what to hold the light fixtures with?

    And I'm going to do it very carefully. If it seems it's starting to crack I'll let it be and find a local place that can release the freon. I know there's got to be somewhere. For example garages alot of times will empty freon from a car for no charge. Not sure that they'd have the required hose but it's worth asking.
    While I am trying to keep this very low budget, I'm not broke, so I can shell out a little if needed to make it work.
    Just would really rather not.
  11. I'd use the screws that are holding the freezer tray up to rig something up for the lights or you could drill all the way through the top and use a small bolt with washers to hold them up.. but that's not exactly discreet. Or possibly dry wall anchors without drilling all the way through, the problem is the inside plastic cracks easily so you have to drill slowly.
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  12. Honestly, id just get someone to properly dispose of the freon and you could make that a great grow box thats also extremely discreet.
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  13. I'm going to be calling around tomorrow to find somewhere that'll do it and see what it'll cost me.
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  14. Had the freon drained at at local shop.
    Went out to my buddies house a couple hours away to work on it and have a chill day with horses and shit. Forgot the lights at home lol
    But got it gutted a bit and planned things out. Have to go back Monday to finish.
    Still waiting on my seeds from herbies.
    Got the confirmation that they arrived in the US yesterday morning.
    Now to hope customs doesn't take them lol did super stealth so we will see.
  15. Off topic but also have my first batch of Cannabutter brewing right now in the crock pot :love-m3j:
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  16. Turned out pretty good

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