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  1. I tried to post this grow earlier but have had some issues with the computer, so here we go. The setup is a Mini Fridge lined with mylar with two 80 CFM computer fans (one intake, on exhaust), and a 70 watt metal halide and two 26 watt 6500k cfls for veg, and two 70 watt HPS bulbs with the ballasts mounted outside for flower. I originally had 3 plants, one turned out to be male :mad: and another i had to give to a friend due to a lack of space in the minifridge. The plants were vegged for abt 2 months (didnt really keep track of veg stage) and now they are on the 23rd day of flowering. During the beginning of the grow the plants had some issues due to over watering and they eventually became root bound and were looking very droopy despite there very nice green color. The plants are in Fox Farm ocean forest soil and Jacks Classic all purpose plant food was used during veg (has an NPK of 20-20-20) and now in the flowering stage i am using Fox Farm tiger bloom and Liquid Karma every every other watering along with some molasses every now and then. This is my second grow and despite a few obstacles in the early stages i expect to have a good harvest! Here are some pictures of the babies lives, tell me what you guys think!

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  2. Day 25 (flower)

    Babies are doin well, staring to see crystals and the buds are starting to get some density to them!

    Heres some bud porn!

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  3. Day 27.. Still going great, a little tiny bit of nute burn on the lowest leaf set but aside from that continued healthy growth

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  4. Well no responses but its ok ill keep posting pictures and updates. Havent updated in a while but she's doing well. Had some yellowing of the lower leaves and some yellow spots so i gave her some nutes with a good amount of nitrogen in it and she seemed to recover pretty quickly. Buds still continue to get more and more dense with about 20% orange hairs now. I hope to get an ounce off of her and thats being optimistic. It would be awesome since its in a mini fridge. Here's some pictures

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  5. Damn man! Looks like you're doing it up pretty proper, nice grow!! Are you using bag seed? If not, what strains are you rocking?

    Subbed fo sho, can't wait to see the outcome!
  6. Thanks BossTwitch! Yeah it was just bagseed so i dont know the strain, wish i did so i would know about how many days i should be harvesting at. Instead ill just be going by the trichomes and orange hair percent... Should be alright though
  7. Hell yeah dude, she'll let you know when she's ready. 1 zip from a mini fridge grow is pretty baller indeed, I hope you get it. I'd give my left nut for an oz right now! :laughing: I'll be lurking :D
  8. Alright so shes at day 66 now but still no amber trichomes. Just mostly cloudy and a good amount clear still. Im beginning to think she might be sativa dominant because the time and since i dont know what strain she is. I prefer more of a head high so im going to harvest when almost all of the trichomes are cloudy and maybe just a few amber so i know shes ready. I flushed her and plan to harvest within the next week or so since more and more trichomes have been turning cloudy every night. What do you guys think? Ready or not? I know you cant tell just by pictures but any opinions help.

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  9. So shes chopped and dried! Ended up getting 41.3 grams dry weight! Very happy with the outcome considering that i've heard the most you should expect from a micro grow in a minifridge is a zip. Gave a little taste test and was :smoking: but still very harsh so i intend to cure all of it for atleast a month!

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  10. Thats pretty nice for a mini fridge grow.
    Great job man. Grats on the smokes.
  11. Thanks! I was happy with the outcome for sure!
  12. 41g not bad not bad at all son fo sure!!!:hello:

    well done!!
  13. hey man, i just found this thread and wanted to give you props for such an awesome grow! This is really gonna help me when i start mine pretty soon. Ill pm you for some info/tips! btw, any updates?

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