Mini Flowering Beast

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by GreenTeaFtw, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. Check this out yo, when do you reckon it's ready? I should invest in a jewellers eye-piece thing:


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  2. Great idea. What made you think of doing that

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  3. is this sarcasm? :(
  4. Of course it is. You should of done that sooner.

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  5. Well I did have one but I lost it :( Oh well, I'll get another on eBay.
    Even though you can't see the pictures properly 2 weeks of not having a jewellers lens yet will be fine right?
  6. looks fine mate and yeah you should be ok how longs it been flowering i find if you have a good cam and zoom you can still see the trichs
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    Hard to say, I reckon 2 and a half months? It's winter here though haha! I kept the plant small.
    edit: outdoor btw
  8. oh right how cold? it looks alright if you dony have a loup check the pistels if there all brown ish with no new ones you might be there :) tho if it ok temp wise id leave it anotger two weeks. can you get a clear but really zoomed in pic of the suger leaves
  9. not too cold, like there is no frost in mornings (i think) 
    yeah pistils aren't all brownish yet, i think ill give another 2 - 3 weeks, the leaves still seem very green and intact 
  10. yeah give it bit longer tho if its in a pot i doubt there would be harm in bringing it on if it did get frosty.

    also keep it in the dark for 2 days before you chop her :)
  11. ok thanks!
  12. Nice! They look beautiful. I had a couple autos I kept under 6 inches and got minimal yield buy was nice.

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  13. Ah mini plants for stealth :) They're so cute
  14. Any significant growth in last couple days?
  15. Yeah the buds are just starting to get some size, cant wait til they fully swell :)
    Oh and because it's cold here (its winter) the calyxes and leaves are turning purple, which is good and bad, phosphorus lock out: bad. Awesome looking bud: good!
  16. Yeah just chopped down my small auto bubbalicious and sweetskunk. in about a week or two I will chop 2 auto bubblegum

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