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  1. I've done a search and it seems the threads are pretty dated. I'm looking for any recommendations on a mini bong. I prefer a bowl that has a small hole.. I'm always sucking stuff through and I never have any luck with screens. I don't care about the price.

    Which mini bong should I get?

    Should I get glass?

    Do they have any with ice catchers?
  2. Just trying to bump this up to get some input
  3. If by mini bong do you mean a micro (tend to be 12" or less) or a macro (even smaller) or are you looking for something like a scientific bubbler?

    Most micros that I am aware of do not have ice catchers but they aren't really necessary imo. Definitely get a glass bong though.
  4. Good question. I don't even know what a scientific bubbler is sooo... I'll google it later lol.

    I had one of those fake mini roors.. I had no clue.. I'm a noob. It finally broke and was looking for something similar. I'm assuming it's around 8-9 inches.

    Thanks for the reply
  5. I'm looking for a smaller bong as well. I'll check back in later today.
  6. Well what is your price range?
  7. I got an Ehle 50Ml as my first glass on glass bong and i fuckin loved it especially for like 70 bucks.

  8. Don't have one. I want a good quality smaller bong.

    Anyone know about Sour Bongs? I saw a sour fat twist online. It's 9". Don't know anything about them or if they even carry them around here.
  9. Can you post a pic or link to it? The smallest Ehle I can find online is 100ml.
  10. o whoops i probably meant the 100ml lol.

  11. It's cool. My wife would break that stem set up in two days. Nice looking piece though.
  12. Well right now i have a SYN 38mm 12" that i got for 84 bucks and i love it just big enough to give you mean hits but small enough to stash away.
  13. 12" is too big. I'm married with a kid.. we put everything in a safe. So I'm particular about the height so I don't break it when I pull it in and out. I have a couple larger pieces.. I never use them.

    I found this.. any thoughts? Can't really find it to buy though..

  14. this is the mini bong i use for hash ussually

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  15. I'm most likely gonna get a mini bong in a few days from my friend. It hits nice and it has an ice catcher, it also has a slide bowl. I will post pics here as soon as I get it.
  16. i bought an amazing mini bong (maybe 10 or 11 ") of a friend of mine for $15
  17. yea that little sour bong looks decent for what you want

  18. i ONLY use mini bongs, because i live alone and a "party size" bong is a hassle. my daily driver is a DC mini stemless with a Luke Wilson 10-arm. it comes in at about 11 inches tall. this one does not have an ice catcher.


    as far as the bowl, you can use whatever bowl you want that corresponds to the size of the joint on the bong (14.4 or 18.8.)

    my second favorite is my LUX Mini. 4 tree perc with splash guard, ice pinches, lux pierced diffused downstem. just under 14 inches tall.


    lots of brands and blowers make mini tubes and bubblers.

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