Mini Bong Idea!

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  1. Hey there people's, this is like, my 2nd post, but I have a good idea :)
    Get one of those mini lime bottles, that you keep in the fridge. Sorry, couldn't find a pic.
    Or use a 5-Hour energy bottle, and make a mini mini bong!!! Someone should do this, as I am to lazy, and post pix :) Thanks, and ya, I know it's a dumb little idea, but I think it'd be hella cool for a mini bong!
  2. why not just use a 20 soda bottle of you choice? you could actually get a substantial sized hit out of it.
  3. good idea, but I just wanna see like, an ultra mini bong haha not for serious use...for looksies!
  4. or just cough up 25 bones and get u a real mini bong. i have 1 and it hits like a champ
  5. el oh el.
  6. theyd make a pretty cool ash catcher
  7. that would be so ill.

    like a mini coke ball ash catcher on this thing.

    [ame=]YouTube - Coca Cola Balls Part Two....420[/ame]

  8. its called a bubbler.

    and for looksies? are u serious? wow
  9. looksies lol now i want to make one so u can have your looksies, but im lazy like you so yea no looksies for you
  10. I think i'll try this tonight. I wouldn't want anybody to miss out on their looksies. lol
    I'll post pics either tonight or tomorrow. hahahaha

    I love silly

    maybe we could make a "smallest piece contest" lol
  11. yay! I declare that we have a smallest piece contest :) lol I like the mini, all stealthy like pipes and shit. Those ninja's sure are good at making pipes! win! And yes, you must post pix of it! I wanna get my looksies!
  12. HA choad wagon what a gross name.
    Thats hilarious.
  13. I guess ill take that as a compliment :) haha maybe not? hahaha now someone make a mini bong!
  14. id rather not burn my facial hair/eyebrows, but go ahead and try it and tell us if its good.
  15. You might like this, then. Knocked it out in like 2 minutes a couple of months ago.

    I used a standard/medium green prescription bottle from a dispensary. Looks pretty benign.


    Inside is a lighter, a glass bowl/stem, and some plastic wrap to stand in for a bag for the pics. And of course the lid.


    Assembled. What is the hole in the lid for, you ask? Splashguard.


    If I had to make it again, i would put the stem hole a little farther up, and angle it a bit. As is, it hits great though.

    EDIT:: You can use it dry as a steamroller, too. And now that I think about it, you might be able to put the bowl in the top hole, and use it like a mini-waterfall.
  16. That looks pretty sick dude. +rep

  17. I dont know about using that as a waterfall probably just eat your weed and just barely spit it back up. If something eats my weed i want it to throw up in my mouth.
    as bad as that sounds i hope you know what i mean
  18. Yeah, like I said, i thought about it right as i was editing. Never tried it, probably never will. I hardly use the thing as it is.

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