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  1. How many of you blades play MC?
    Also, what do you think of servers/how often do you play on them?

    Lastly, any good ideas for a server? I am creating one and I want the people playing to tell me what they want, but I've got to start somewhere


  2. Factions is really big right now and modded servers.
  3. grass city actually has a very active long time minecraft community for PC

    We been together for literally years and years.

    The current world is horizon

    Post your user name in the horizon thread and we will whitelist you

    I look forward to playing with you.

    Unless you host a console server you are unlikely to get anyone from here on your own server since our current grass city host has an insane settup

    I love feed the beast mod pack but I never found a good server

    So I just play vanilla with the stoners here

  4. I really enjoy Sky Factory. Starting with one tree and one block is challenging. I haven't played in a while. It eats up a lot of time and I don't have much to spare. :p
  5. I play on gotpvp prison with my kid sometimes..need to check out the horizon server

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