Mine Own Icicle Prison.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by smokinokie, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. I'm sitting here looking out of my window. It appears that I've been sent to a cold place to serve time for my crimes against humanity and all you can eat buffets. I have ice bars over the window. But, at least it's warm in here, and I have communicado with the outside world.

    Does anyone need preached at?

    Does anyone need a really deep question answered?

    Does anybody need their back scratched?

    Call me.

    I'll be right here.
  2. could you get that spot right beneath my shoulder blades? I can never reach there :D
  3. *scratch scatch scatch*
  4. thanks okie..much better :D
  5. You welcome.

    If keep this up I might get back ahead of Highya in post#'s!
  6. I could go for a good scratch just clean out yer fingernails after you're done with TheHempress.

    I can empathize btw; but rather than being in ice prison I'm on snow probation.
  7. whaaa? that really hurt

  8. As anyone should do after scratching someone's back. :D

  9. what with times being what being what they are, I don't scratch with my fingernails anymore. Too many nasty virus's going around now. I got the Hempress' itch scratched by mechanical means.

    Well, that sounds just like I was accusing The Hempress of being unclean, or even worse, a carrier.

    Sorry, was not my intent.

    Now I fergot why i was here.

    Snowbound + Good weed = wrecked train of thought
  10. Really?

    *He pulls closer to Highya*
  11. yeah, really. I used to get called dirty all the time when I was in middle school..it still hurts sometimes. My mom just didnt have a lot of money
  12. still about a 100 back.
  13. Hard to outtalk a woman!
  14. Ahhhh. Poor little Hempy! *pat* *pat*

    Now I feel really bad!

    I lied. I used my fingernails to scratch your back, and then and went and made a peanut butter jelly sandwich!

    So there.
  15. im tellin ya boy........im LETTING you catch me.

    um, i got an itch...:D

  16. omg! did i just say that aloud?


    Nothing against you Hempress but I have this phobia thing that has to do with germs and bacteria...so EWWWWWWW!!!!

    It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood....it's still sunny outside with no precipitation. I have no clue what's going on. The little AOL weather thing says it's supposed to snow tomorrow but I have learned that the AOL weathermen and women don't know shit.

    So, what are we talking about now???

    ***I had to come back and add something...I have that phobia thing but it never comes into play when I'm sharing a j or a bowl...see how wonderful MaryJane is? She makes all your phobias go *poof*!!!!

  18. Do you prefer mechanical means or good old fashion manual?

    I myself prefer a big ol' maple out in the yard.
  19. hhhm,manualy acourse.
    if i cant get anyone to do i just get naked and wrigggle round on the carpet till i can get the right spot


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