mindblowing ideas you get while high

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  1. Any ideas or concepts you guys ever realize/think about while high?

    Ill start it off

    for instance the other day while i was high af i realized a way to repay our debt to china and to get our country out of debt...so basiclly the idea is every time something is sold a penny is taken by the government and used to pay for both debt..for example i did some research(while high): Coke a cola sells 6billion cans of coke a hour so lets say each coke cost a dollar that would be 6million dollars. So if you took 1 penny from every dollar youd have 60,000 dollars every hour just from coke think about how much the government can give towords debt in 1 day and if every single thing sold gave 1penny:eek:
  2. I realized that our government is entirely too stupid to get us out of much of anything.

    We need to get Kermit the Frog in office, even drugged up he's an alright frog.:cool:
  3. So that's basically taxing companies.
  4. ...i guess it is lol wow
  5. Our government probably knows how to get us out of debt. They just don't want to bcs then we would be rich and have a good economy.

    As it is now they can spend as much as they want, amd keep us barly making do.

    Fuckin government man
  6. Ehh more like an idea... ahahah,

    Today while I was smoking a cigarette, I was really baked, (smoke all of my pot today too :() anyway, I thought this idea would be a good one for a t.v show or something...

    Like if a DEA agent and a biker best friends of 20 years, lost touch because the now biker moved away, anyway the DEA agent keeps it undercover and the biker friend hit him up on facebook wondering if theres any places he could move too, and the agent is looking for a roommate. Anyway the biker moves in, (the biker is apart of a club, of course) and starts sharing it with the agent, and the biker has no idea that he's a DEA agent. And the DEA agent's girlfriend helps the friend along the way...

    I don't know I was just reallly out there :smoking:
  7. I think ima have to be high to understand that one lol
  8. Some french dude already came up with that, but of course nobody actually wants to do this. Like wtfjusthappened says, getting us out of poverty isn't really that difficult if people in power actually wanted to do it. The problem is that it's so much more power in letting the people barely survive so we have no time or energy to think, read and discuss.

    Keep people in poverty, ignorance and fear and you can rule over them.
  9. i always come up with amazing conspiracy theories which make perfect sense, but i never remember them afterwards...
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    What if all living things(humans, plants, animals), are all subjective specs of consciousness of the collective? And each living one effects the consciousness of the whole by what we bring to our consciousness and others'?
  11. tortellini pasta, on pizza.
  12. I always have these intense ideas that sum up life perfectly, and give the answers for everything, but for the love of me I forget that shit very quickly.

    I need a notepad.
  13. If I can hydroponically grow weed, why not corn or rice?


  14. I agree completely the governments so greedy that they dont care what happens to the people as long as they get as much money as they can they could careless about us, people in politics dont have the balls to do what needs to be done they just care about making up bullshit storys so they get re-elected
  15. Yup, but it's not just politicians, it's also coorporations and other folks with money and power. They're often the ones with the real power, lots of politicians are just puppets.
  16. I believe this.
  17. we'd probably get shot if we tried lol

  18. But corn isnt 10$/g but 1 dollar for 2 lbs or something like that. Maybe having a system like that on a large scale like that for such little profit might be too expensive? Maybe not? I'm high... :D
  19. I've been thinking why someone hasn't invented a silent vacuum yet
  20. [quote name='"Retrix"']I've been thinking why someone hasn't invented a silent vacuum yet[/quote]

    My friends house has a giant vacuum in there basement and there's these outlet type things in each room that you plug a vacuum attachment and hose into.

    It's pretty silent and sweet lol.

    And on topic, I made a thread a while ago about how life is a bar graph, it made no sense but at the time that blew my fucking mind when I thought it up. Haha

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