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Mind control in the classroom.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TooSicKs, May 12, 2003.

  1. Since 2nd grade i've known about the mind control, i just didn't know why, school all seemed so fake, it wasn't anything hard, i didn't need to sit and do 2+3=? 50 times to figure out how to do it, i understood the concept the first 100 times i did it in first grade and was killing brain cells. I guess i was kinda quiet, never socially interacted with anyone in school, maybe said more than 10 words in school to anyone but about 5 friends since i got into high school, i was "the quiet one we're gonna see one day on the 6 o'clock news" I guess lookin back if i were someone else trying to figure out what the hell i am i'd be scared as fuck at me.

    I was suspeneded a few times a year, sometimes for fighting, others for trying to subvert the system, once for bitchslapping a straight up fascist government mind controller of a prick who tried to break my ass into the program but i bitchslapped the punk in the middle of class, threw a projector into the wall and told him he can fuck off with his mind control bullshit.

    i only got suspended for that and it was the last day of school so i ended up with the first week off the next year, hella sweet! but 5 weeks later the head "agent" (that's how i describe'em, the principal, deans, counselors there, sneaky fucks!) called me up to the office, right at the end of school i mieesd the bus, it was during a torpical storm and i lived a few miles away i asked to use the phone, he said no, leave, school's closed an if you don't leave you're trespassing, well, i got pissed raised my voice, (actually no matter what i said after that i'm pretty sure the result would have been the same) He looked at his secretary who already was dialing and said, "call P(olice)D(epatrment), get a car over here".

    I walked off, across school, was outside the school around the back at the payphone when 2 thug ass pigs come up, grab me from behind with no warning, and WTF WE LIVE IN THE GHETTO what the fuck happens i swing cause i think i'm gettin thugged up WTF they got the perfect fuckin plan those fucks! They take me down, faceplant me into a door, stepping on my neck, cuffing me and ruffin' me up and shit, sayin, "assaulting an officer" and shit, and then they want me to walk wit them to the car. I said fuck you, you want me you're ginna have to carry my ass out. The last time i was ever seen in a conformist mind control factory i was shackled, hogtied and dragged out by 2 cops, they dragged me through all the halls and there were the "afterschool" kids there and there were like "XXXXXX killed somebody i think,,"

    I ended up coincidentally wiht someone else from my school had a similar experience like 2 hours before, same way, they practiced this shit ya know?

    Anyways they questioned me, threatened me with assaulting an officer, criminal tresspass, diruption of a public building, all kinds o rizzly shizz, resisting arrest, and all tryin to mindfuck me, my school's SRO was there with them and he was running the shit.

    Anyways, after sanity tests, psychoanalysys, and legal crap the court offered me a deal, never attend public school in the state again and all charges dropped.

    The next week "moved", on paper anyways, a little bit of document hacking so to speak, and i got into a high school across town, it was pretty ghetto, but i wanted to graduate so i can have credentials to back me up cause i thought i'd need 'em. What happens next? I show up for school and my old principal was at the door of my first class waiting for me with threats of falsifying documents and shit, i walked off.

    Fuckin' Agent! I knew it! scary shit,,, now where'd i put that red pill?

    I snuck my way through the GED program by completing it in 3 days, before they had time to stop me, and got it. In florida you couldn't get a license until you were 25 if you didn't graduate or GED so i needed it, it was my way to escape the "education" system

    (haha they called the under25 law "dropout prevention" if you missed 10 days of unexcused absence, or are late for a class x many times i forget, but you got an unexcused absence your license is suspended, and you have to pay a fine on it and wait to get it back till you were in school and not late and crap for like 90 days or some bullshit)

    I've never been to an afterschool activity, a school dance, prom, sporting event, some stuff were forced to see, like pep rallys, yeeeeah , go eurasia! or was it eastasia? hmmm,,,,,,,

    I never drank, smoked weed, and i kicked ass in every class they put me in aside from the mind control classes. I won the state optimist competition and spoke about socio-economic division in america to politicians, and the influential peeps at a $5000 a plate dinner thing, it was crazy, That was what happened when they put me in 1/2 semester of public speaking class, fuck that, explot the system that hacks my brain. I kicked ass in electronics class and studied sme real world practical skills there like basically how to bild, fix, or hack anything electronic, and on thew side a i ran a small VCR repair gig during that class, and got credit for it.

    Examples of the dedening of the mind and the beatdown methods they employ:

    The previos year, freshman, i passsed all my classes and became eligible for honors classes. I enrolled in advanced pascal programming (yeah now i feel old) and got put in basic typing, enrolled in geometry and got put in geberal math 2, there was no fuckin way they were gonna further my education in science cause that's the shizzle i had on lockdown since day 1 so instead of physics they put me in earth science with this psycho freak feminist nazi who stood in front of the clas and lectured for a hour about how women were the superior sex, and one day while yabbling some bullshit "you're nothing!" and try to convince me i'm an idiot bracuse " i male, i dum man, neader,uu caveaman " and i told her "Ya know what? I'm smarter than all you dumb bitches",,, maaaaaannnn i wish i had a camera, just imagine kyle's mom gettin into cartman's mom's crackstash, man she went off. I once stuck paperclips in a wall socket and zapped my self to fake a suicide to get outta that class.


    psycho bitch,

    Yeah, so school was definitely an odd experince, it took me a while to get out and it almost killed me a few times, involved some cloak and dagger type stuff with Agents, i even had an informant in the teacher's lounge, she was an english teacher who i took public speaking with and she believed in me and wanted to see me beat the system cause she was sick of the bullshit, i got inside tips several times about how they tried to get rid of me and i was able to take countermeasures. My junior year i regualrly saw FBI agents and Secret Service doing surveillance on everyone, you could see it, they were just standing innocuously in the cafeteria and hallways and were taking voice notes on everybody, i used to watch 'em theyn were fishin' for intel of some sort. I called them on it a few times. being in a crowd, walking up to 'em and saying shit to em to let them know i know they're watching i'm sure they got "notes" on me.

    They had 2 seaparte cafeterias too, one had all kinds of sweet food but it cost like mad $$ and then there was the other side, where for like 1/2 the price you got yesterday's leftovers from the other side made into utter crap.

    School was pretty shitty, i don't wish school on anyone, educate, my homeys, break free and resist the programing, it's possible, but hard.

    I was also degraded and looked down on by everybody because i had long hair and wore ripped ragged shorts from skating all the time and metal/punk band shirts and skate shirts. They whipped the ole' dress code thing out a few times too.

    Yeha, i did time in detention and "internal suspesion" = school prison. I did 8 weeks all day in there once, in a long narrow room,facign a white wall and doing nothing all day while you listen to more mind control shit, the same speches word for word for a few minutes, and then an hour of silence, than another "teacher" would take over, spew the shizzle, and sit for an hour and make sure everyone stares at the wall properly

    Well, this is getting kinda long, but i've beem meaning to tell ya blades about this for a while, mostly because it'll give ya a little look at what i base a lot of my views on, and i still see this going on today with the gov't and have also seen it from the govt's side and watch how they keep the public under wraps at all kinds of levels, media suppression and shit,

    The entire population is under some pretty intense surveillance a lot of the time, i've worked with some of that surveiallance and intel before, and have done some intel gatering myself for the gov't, low level stuff. I'll say no more cause i don't feel it safe to do so.

    Oh, and if you read all of this, without faloing asleep, becoming mentally unstable, quitting school, graduating school, dyong of old age, going blind etc, there's somethin else i'll share with ya, friends call me "To make a short story long,,,,"

  2. you are one smart dude my friend .l,am looking forward to the day when l can say l knew him when he was just toosticks[TooSicKs] ,lol.very good and engaging ,lol,l even had to read it with one eye cause l carn,t see out off both .ths is critter 11.
  3. hehehe...

    awesome. :p

    the fact that you got good grades made that story worth reading....
  4. verrrrry interesting....
    yer not longwinded, just detailed.

  5. hmm...

    its hella true
  6. Like Mark Twain said, "I never let school get in the way of my education."
  7. jeez man, that could be a movie.

  8. hahaha! toosicks you are very intellegant, and opinionated!
  9. damn!

    that pretty much screams it all doesnt it.

    i hope the people who really need to read this stuff (the people who say "god bless america" alot) do actually read it all and take it all in.

    and if they dont... fine.... let america fall... just please dont go dragging the rest of the worlds nations down with ya.

    "Anyways, after sanity tests, psychoanalysys, and legal crap the court offered me a deal, never attend public school in the state again and all charges dropped."

    of course. they knew you knew, and they didnt want you spreading that "insanity" (knowledge) through the system to the autonomons.

    i've had plenty "run ins" with the system myself (although not to the same degree being the UK system) and know exactly wtf you are talking about.

    freedom of thinking is that which they fear the most. So freedom of thought and expression must be curbbed & suppressed at all costs.
    This goes through to every level of the system. even just to look at the shit thats been happening in the UK gov following the shit in araq and the subsequent resigning of MPs just shows that freedom of speach is being supressed all the time.

    what better way to get around that whole "freedom of speach" thing than to cut straight to the chase and curtail freedom of thought.

    hmmm.... red pill, blue pill, red pill, blue pill...?

    which shall it be.... hmmm.

    R.I.P. Bill hicks. may your memory live on, may we never forget that which you taught us.

  10. 1984 is one of the best books ive ever read. it completely opened my eyes to the nature of big government and made me appreciate my rights. everyone one should read that book it will blow your mind. now i must go before the thought police aprehend me and torture me in 101.....

    if they try to phase newspeak into your english classes you must fight them....

    that really wasnt a rant because it made alot of sense. everything in there was related....nice job
  11. Yeah, they started testing me and crap in 2nd grade, when i started they pulled me out of class everyday and gave me rorscarsh tests, iq tests, all kinds of stuff, they had me take college placement tests and had al kinds of people come and question me, psychoanalysis, oh yeah, keep in mind i'm 7 at the time.

    Ya ever notice that at public schools in america, the barbwire fences (WTF IN THE FIRST PLACE!) angle INWARD?

    we all gotta wake up and realize where the governments are hiding their concentration camps, right in plain sight.

    The high school i went to was an especailly fucked up place, it was a scary place, 50%richkids, 50%hardcore thugs, and then there was me. Most people who showed up for class wore suits and carried briefcases, drove benz's and bmw's to school, it looked like some kind of coroprate office in math classes n shit, and the rest of the schools population was just so thugged out that all they had to do was keep 'em from shooting the teachers while they recieve adequate programming to diable thought. they ran that place like a prison and they tried to institute year round school so the program is more effective.

    it seems to me so plain and obvious, their cover is paper thin, but the public believes it without question.

    Hey, any parents out there, do your kids a favor, and try to seek alternative education for yer kids, don't send them to a clone factory.
  12. That was one of the greatest things I've ever read. I'm glad that I was high enough to read the whole thing, b/c usually I don't read really long posts when I sober (I know I should :p). I'm glad I chose to read this one.
  13. TooSicKs, i read it twice!, I would really have enjoyed to read a hole self-biography of your life, this was really interesting :D sounded like you've had a turbulent time when fighting the goverment-mind control and all that crap...

  14. and I can't explain better what i felt after reading your post,than critter11 did.

  15. Someday i'll write a biography, but i gotta wait till after i'm almost done livin' or it'll be missin a lot.


  16. looking forward too that :)

    -andis :]

  17. i second the motion. :D
  18. that was a great read but i don't understand how it's a prison.. i'm not from the US so maybe explain to me how it was mind-control?

    i agree 1984 is an eye and mind-opener..

    heh, that's messed how there's barbed wire (WTF IN THE FIRST PLACE hahahah.. true..) and going inward.. that's fucked.. if you're still at the city, please respond, i'd love to hear more on this..
  19. i do hope toosicks is still kickin it around. who knows what could have happened to him in the past year.

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