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  1. I'm about ready to pull the trigger, and I just wanted to ask if what I'm about to buy is okay.

    I want to grow about 2 plants at a time, planing on doing it no-till, mostly planning on growing indicas

    Tent (Fusion Hut 600D Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent Reflective Growing Room Grow Box Tent) planing on getting the 4x2, since it's about the same price as the smaller ones. I don't think I'll use the whole tent, but I like having the option to throw a couple more plants in there if I want to.

    Lighting: 2x mars hydro 300w. Since I plant to just do 2 plants. but if I do more, I would buy another 2 of the same.

    fan/controller/carbon filter : (4" 6" inch Inline Duct Fan Exhaust Blower Carbon Filter Combo Speed Controller | eBay) I might try and find a better deal, but this seemed like it was ok. would you go for a 6 inch? Or is 4 inch good enough.

    main reason to go with LED is heat, I dont want to heat up the house more during summer, and I want to minimise fan noise or have to run AC in the tent.

    Is there any down side to not using the whole footprint of the tent? I guess I would be using about half. See anything wrong with this?

    The rest of the equipement should be non-consequential, but I wanted to make sure about the big pieces.

  2. For a 4 x 2 tent a 4" will be adequate.

    2 plants is really all you'll get in there - in flower, 1 could even easily fill it. You'll also need room to be able to get in there and manage your plants.
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    even if I manifold or scrog? (which I plan on doing)

    I'll measure the space I have, i can probably get a bigger tent. If I do get a bigger tent, is is ok lighting-wise to not use the whole footprint? As long as the lights are placed over the plants, will it be okay?

    Would a 4x4 tent be ok? i don't think i could go bigger than 5x5. Wil the 4" fan still do the trick, or would I need a 6" if I do get a bigger tent?


    Edit: I just measured, and 3x3 would be okay, 4x4 could be done, but I'm stretching it. I could get way with 3x5 or 4x5(stretching it) if I can find a tent in these measures.

    Edit #2 : i just noticed that the tents are not all the same height. Since height is an issue, the biggest one I can do is 2x4 tent Max height is 66 inches where I intend to install the tent.. So i'm back where I started. That being said, I could always just do 1 plant at a time... That sort of takes care of my lighting question..
  4. There's no harm in not using the whole footprint. I have a 4 x 8 x 8 and I hardly use the whole space. Ventilation doesn't change for SCROG - with a small volume of air, in a smaller tent - a 4" fan will be plenty. 6" will not get you any additional benefit unless you had a bigger tent
  5. I bought the 2x4 tent because of the height issue. I'll have to make do with what I have. Going to try 2 plant and either manifold them or scrog.

    The worm bin is pretty much set up, i just have to buy some worms and get that going. Probably this week.

    As soon as I can find the amendments for the soil, i can mix it up to let it cook. I'm having a hard time finding some of them. I have a couple places left to check, or i'll order them online.


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