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  1. Not mind blowing at all when you think about in the every day situation but just think about it in depth for a second... Water, the single most important compound to humanity and the rest of Earth's living creatures, is made up of two extremely combustable elemnts when on their own, but when combined in just the right proportions, it creates the original multi-purpose object. Most may see this as a pointless thread, just pointing something out that everybody knows, but the purpose is not to point out the fact that this happens, but the true wonder that is Chemistry. With chemistry, you can take two elements, both highly combustable, and turn them into, not only something that eliminates combustion, but comprises 75% of the human body.
  2. It is mind blowing....

    Life is chemistry.... Wow I wish I could be "enlightened" hahaha..
  3. :eek: A bit enlightened yes, but right now fuzzy caterpillar would entertain my brain for hours. Heh, I just learned how to spell "caterpillar."

  4. Shit man... caterpillar is a tough word. I always gotta double-check.

    I found an American Dagger moth larvae (caterpillar) on a maple tree in my woods the other day.... I walked home, rolled a doobie, went back, and smoked with him.
  5. If you take into account Table Salt: Sodium and Chlorine. Chlorine is highly caustic, will react violently to certain elements. Sodium is also highly reactive. Each can explode in the presence of the right chemicals.

    Add salt to water = sea water. (Basically, i know that salt in sea water is more complex than table salt but you get my meaning).

    Just takes the right amount of energy to separate these elements from their molecules.

    Unfortunately it takes more energy to release these bonds than you can extract from the combustion or reaction of these elements.

    Browns Gas, HHO, Electrolysis, Zero Point Energy = hours of interesting reading. A lot of people out there are into finding alternative energy sources. I am a skeptic, personally, but i think people should still dream and experiment.
  6. Even the softest things in this world can overcome the hardest.


  7. I looooooove water!

    I love the ocean, swimming, and of course... percolating smoke through it!!!

  8. Yes definitely my favorite use for water.
  9. Those same explosive elements can clean as well :)
  10. it is, but wiki is not a reliable source, the info may be correct on that page but its easy to edit by anyone.
  11. That's why you check the citations.

    For boring, uncontroversial scientific topics like the properties of water I generally find that wikipedia provides a tolerably-accurate summary.
  12. What I find mind blowing is a collection of carbon molecules sealed 75 percent water into a muti-cellular creature allowing it to walk on land. Then this creature began to reproduce and it's offspring eventually became a creature that could study the world around it, like what it was made of, for example.
  13. mind blowing^^^

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