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  1. My name is Mimii and I'm looking to try out smoking cannabis (yes, I'm THAT new at this). It seemed like a good idea to join a forum with people who could offer lots of useful advice and insight. So... Hi Everybody! :p
  2. First rule of fight club. You do not talk about fight club.
  3. Good job replying at exactly 4:20
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    Oh it's 10:20 here. I guess it's 4:20 somewhere in the world...mimi post pics pls


    Asking other users for pics is not tolerated here - WW
  5. Haha welcome to the city.. If you want my truthful advice, turn around now and run! If you want my stoner advice.. Well, get high as fuck, munch out an then pass the fuck out! :smoke:

    What kind of advice you lookin' for :)?
  6. Haha thanks for the welcome (and the warning...). So I'd like to know the obvious of course like what's the best "type" for beginners and some baking vs smoking advice would be good.

    I've been meaning to stop by Hot box cafe (if you're familiar) but my friends are reluctant :p Do people usually show up by themselves?
  7. Got my Vans on

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fR2OgGbKds&feature=autoplay&list=PLAF8965F28847FA5F&playnext=1]The Pack - Vans - YouTube[/ame]

    But they look like sneakers.
  8. Welcome to GC. Are you looking for the medical properties or the recreation side of MJ?
  9. Thanks, just rec.
  10. You should do some reading on the two types of MJ. Sativa and Indica. Each have their own effects, then their are 100 strains within each one...
  11. It seems I'm looking for more of the Sativa type, although they are often sold in combinations?
  12. And has anybody been to a pot-friendly cafe? My friends are a little reluctant so I was wondering if it would be awkward to show up by myself.
  13. Hm..whose a pretty lady :p
  14. And is that "everything burrito" meant to be a joint? Bc there should def be a strain called that.
  15. Who's a desperate guy.

    Trying to hit on internet girls? Come one man you don't even know what she looks like or if it's even a girl.
  16. not akward to show up by yourself, however if you dont have any "pot" on you, they won't sell it to you, and you just will be stitting at a cafe not stoned and alone, unless u friend up with some ppl who are already smoking there

  17. You be quiet. This is a match made in heaven and I demand that they marry at once.
  18. Ahahahaa So true...I could be some old fat guy that sits in front of his computer all day (although for the record I'm not AND I just got back from the gym, but still...).

    I guess he must just really like adventure time, as per your visitor comment :p
  19. That is what I was afraid of..although I would definitely like to friend some people there. I'm still trying to convince someone to go with me but if all else fails and I'm feeling brave enough, maybe I'll just make some new friends (and of course get them to join GC).
  20. For the record...I would go with you AND I'm not desperate. As long as I have my weed and my starcraft I'm good.

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