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    I have read in another blog about this guy who grows his plants indoors by mimicking nature as much as he can and he swears his nugs come out a lot denser and overall better for the plant.
    A couple of the things he says he does is instead of switching from 18/6 to 12/12 right away, he'll get to 12/12 in a couple of days in 1 or 2 hour increments. So if he wants to flower, he'll go from 18/6, then next day 17/7..16/8...15/9 and so on until he gets to 12/12. His reason behind this is that in nature, the sun doesn't automatically have shorter days in one day. He says that the stress to the plant caused by the light change would be minimal.
    Another thing he does.....when he turns his lights on, instead of just turning on his 1000w HPS right away, he has some t5 bulbs in there that he'll turn on first for 15-20 mins or so. Then after that he'll turn on his main light. His reason behind this is that in nature, the sun doesn't come up full blast right away. The sun rays get stronger and stronger as the sun rises. 
    Is there any science to this or any growers out there who have maybe heard/ abide by these ways of growing? Any input would be welcome.

  2. It's just delaying the inevitable and adding extra days IMO
  3. It sounds like he's fucking around, may as well add a light mover too.
    To each his own but I don't fuck with things much, the plants will be huge sticky and stink before I know it.
    When I grow all natural I just plant outside. Duuuh!
  4. I think is possible plants are alive a conscious in a way i play nature sounds during the day in my grow room
    True. I like the idea of 15 mins of low light first though. Get them "warmed up" before the powerful main lights. I don't know though like you said, to each his own.
    Do you really? I've heard about people playing bob marley in the grow room. Now have you compared it to anything or you just play music on the thought of it helping the plant?
  6. Well I'm trying it on my first grow and yes I'm doing it on the thought of making my girls more comfortable i talk to them every day and give them complements i believe plants pick up on our energy you should look up more into the subject of music and plants
  7. I played music religiously to my plants...I woke them up with fast stuff and before they went to bed I would play some more alternative slower rock.
    The best crops I ever had were the ones that had music playing during their flowering times. No bullshit
  8. Also as far as the "mimicking nature" goes, I get into this argument all the time with my brother.
    I tell him having a cold, damp basement floor is good for the plants because it keeps the dirt and the roots colder like they are naturally outside. He tells me not to get outdoor confused with indoor because indoor plants don't have the outdoor environment that allows for certain things to happen.
    Indoor plays are susceptible to all kinds of diseases, fungus', and pests. He claims that the cold floor is really bad for mold and mildew and he says he sees many basement growers with mold or mildew on the bottoms of their pots and they don't even know it.
    I some what agree with him here, but I still believe it is better to have it as natural as outdoor as you can.
    He put plastic down on my floors for the pots to sit on and I ripped it off real quick. I still want my pots on the cold floor with above regular heat above them in the room (I want Jamaican environment weed :)) I regularly bleach clean the bottom of my pots as well as the ground they are sitting on. I try to do this at least 1 to 2 times per week just in case he is right.
     I also have 5 step air purifiers and oxygen iodizers running in my rooms to try and create atmosphere. If you got big big bucks you can buy commercial grade set ups and actually create an outdoor exact room for your rooms to draw air from, and you can cycle them back through so you have no outdoor exhaust or need for fresh intake or negative air pressure in your home. My plans for the future.
  9. Your mistaken on one small point. Outdoor roots in the ground are not necessarily "cold". It can be quite warm under the surface. A cold basement floor is like taking an ice cube and putting it directlyon your skin IMO. Yes you want a cool root zone but the cold floor is only making the very bottom roots much colder than the rest.
  10. this thread illustrates the issues on GC pretty well
    not one citation or ounce of proof, just a bunch of speculation being tossed around as fact.
    not one indoor growing Agri. team ( tomato, broccoli lettuce, etc)will tell you to mimick outdoor exactly, only to try the get the good stuff indoors.
    and if mimicking outdoors was so positive..don't you think we'd all be running that way now?
    trust me, smarter folks have come before us and tried it already with government grants.
    as per music for plants...........................yeah I don't need another infraction for espousing my opinion on bullshit that's only endemic in the stoner world.
  11. The best crops I've ever had were pulled on a tuesday, therefore tuesday is the best day to harvest. Stoner science ftw!!
  12. You're right on all parts... except the music. ;)

    I doubt the plants get "relaxed" by playing them bob marly - ffs, they can't hear as we do.
    But, something about the harmonics in the music stimulating growth? There are things about that. Including, you know, CITATIONS!
    \tMeasuring Effects of Music, Noise, and Healing Energy Using a Seed Germination Bioassay - http://online.liebertpub.com/doi/pdf/10.1089/107555304322849039
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    WTF is "healing energy" and why isn't it ( the citation) peer reviewed?
    completely unbiased theory IMHO  /rollseyes
     it had no intentional use in the Ag sector, but was paid for to prove "energy medicine" on humans.. a farce.
  14. Plants liking Music started in the woods to try and keep critters at bay
    Umm I have worked a lot of landscaping in my life. Go dig a hole 2 feet down and feel how cold the dirt is :)
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    If you want to mimic the outdoors then grow in organic soil with no chemical fertilizers.

    Jerry the Organics Pusher

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    We're talking during outdoor growing season

    The cold basement floor is a) much cooler than the soil 2ft down and b ) it's only going to make the very bottom cold and it's going to be uneven temp distribution up through the soil.

    It's like trying to reinvent the wheel
    Are you sure its like trying to reinvent the wheel?
    You should know with your one 400 watter right? You would know what pulling off a massive successful garden is like right?
    Outside the deeper the roots are in the soil the colder they are. Not to mention some people actually have light strong enough to heat up their rooms so this basement floor might not be as cold as you think. Having your soil the same temperature as above the plants is not a good thing. You WANT uneven temperature in your flowering room smart guy.
    Cold airflow through the bottoms of the plants and warmth on top. A cold basement floor supplies this for you as long as you have the right equipment to do the rest.
  19. Plant a seed early as possible outside as daylight hours are getting longer, and then afyer solstice when hours are getting shorter, plant another seed next to it.

    See which one is larger at harvest...

    I know a few outdoor growers, that state planting seeds as daylight is getting shorter will cause the plant to grow faster.
    It knows fall is coming soon, and goes into overdrive, growing faster.

    Then showed me plants that were planted earlier, and plants that were planted later. Younger plants were larger.

    So I have always began with 24 hours, and take fifteen minutes off every day or two.
  20. And you just lost any ounce of credibility with personal attacks. And what does the size of my last grow matter? Doesn't change anything in this discussion, I guess one has to have a 10k watt commercial grow to be able to understand nature? I never said you want your roots the same temp as your canopy, reading comprehension for the win right? I said good ventilation will allow your grow room/area to maintain a proper canopy temp and a proper root zone temp without needing something to artificially cool the roots in a crappy manner. The canopy should regular your temps down below...again with proper ventilation. Besides I understand heat just fine, I run my 400 non cooled and low so if anything my root zone may be too warm.

    I don't know why I'm responding since you've already shown you lack basic communication and debate skills and etiquette. Take care chief.

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