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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MGD888, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Just wondering if their is good dank in this city. I just need a positive outlook on this. I just moved over here from WA state and am freaking out. My old man smokes garbage and says it's the norm. I say that is not possible. Someone please just let me know that the kush is out there so I can unpack my bags.
  2. there's LOTS of good in Cream City...just have to know where to look. I myself have been in the company of some very nice Sour D that is superb. Just dont fall for the bs thats been making its rounds, especially on the North side, Marq, and East side...only if you are desperate.
    Northern Lights is a norm, as well as various Kush strains, so its out there just keep your eyes peeled and your nostrils flared man, GL!
  3. moving from washington to wisconsin would be a slap in the face for sure when it comes to scoring herb... be prepared to pay 55-60/eighth man :eek:

    Seriously, washington is almost incomparable with any state east of the rockies... only states that have cheap, dank buds like washington are the other medi states like oregon, montana, colorado, and cali. Always $200-280/oz here Montana... $300/oz is street price in my city but i get offered ounces for $280 (my peeps pay $275/oz from their caregiver)

    i went to WA this summer and picked up a $150/oz of OG Chunk and Fruity AK... incredible deal for the quality... straight chronic ass buds... but i can get much better shit here in MT for $200-225/oz from a grower. Not saying washington buds arent as dank cause i know there are plenty of buds in WA that are 20-30% THC... but they are more expensive as well.

    Good luck on finding a decent connect... i would hate it if i had to move to any state east of the rockies... too expensive for me. Every state that borders montana has terrible prices besides Idaho... people from wyoming/sd/nd are paying $320-400/oz for dank
  4. ^ 100% true...not cheap here compared to out west and down south...$100 for a qtr of good flame and $375-$425 for a zip.
  5. theres dank in mil town. used to go up there to drink and smoke with some friends of mine. sadly they moved on.. but theres def dank
  6. thanks y'all for the outlook. it is good to know....ouch on the whole prices deal...but, it is what it is. been smoking WA state dank for 7 years now and it's very hard to adjust to this crap my dad has. seeds and stems fucking everywhere.....he doesn't even bother taking out the stems :eek: But, I will press on. Y'all gave me some faith. The only issue I have is i'm new to the city so I really don't have any clue where to look. my old buddy who went to marquette just told me to go post up over there and something will happen. kinda sketches me out, but i just might have to give it to try....feel free to private me with any advice or help :D

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