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Millionth Cannicard Question Thread

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by The Swindle Cat, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. After reading through the throngs of other threads on this forums and others like it I've still got a few questions in regards to my obtaining a medical marijuana card.

    Next week I will be moving to the SF/Oakland Bay Area from Tucson, Arizona. I'd like to get a medical marijuana card primarily for my depression, which I've had diagnosed and been prescribed Paroxethine HCL. I cannot stand taking this pill. Among other less noticeable but still quite undesireably side effects on my mood and psyche, the bottom line is that it makes me throw up uncontollably. I've thrown up all day and all night from taking the pill before and I'm not going to deal with it. I have a rather delicate stomach if you will, and although this has not been medically diagnosed, I find that in addition to the relief that cannibis offers my depression, it also helps an inherent nausea that I feel upon waking in the mornings, and obviously does not upset my stomach in the way that the Paroxethine does upon medicating. Now, I am 20 years old and have been smoking medical grade marijuana since I was 18, and currently vaporize roughly a half a gram a day out of my Volcano to allievate all the afformentioned problems. I'm a highly over-analytical person who has trouble shutting down my mind and a perfect example of what one would describe as "full of anxiety". I've had suicidal thoughts and episodes in the past, and those instances have always seemed to be during a time period where I was not using marijuana or simply relying on my anti-depressant. I've always found that medical grade marijuana relieves these symptoms and works wonders on my psyche and I've been using it regularly for the past 2 years to great effect. However, given that I live in Arizona, this is all done illegally. Now I've heard that an pre-existing diagnosed condition and the actual pill bottle in your hand will usually be enough to get a doctor to agree that a more natural alternative would be suitable, but I'm not counting on any hand outs, so my question is this. Upon my appointment with a doctor (recommendations for doctors or firms would be great), would it be beneficial to tell him that I've been using medical grade marijuana ILLEGALLY and that past illegal use is the reason I'm seeking the medical card? or to just stick with the facts in that i can't stand this pill and hopefully let my medical conditions qualify me alone? And since I'm so young will that matter at all? Also, is there a residency issue? I know I have to have a California state I.D. and I plan on making an appointment at the DMV ASAP, but after I get that and my living situation all squared away do I have to live in the state for a certain amount of time to qualify so they don't just think I'm gonna get a card, get some MMJ and go back to Arizona? And also any phone numbers of clinics or doctors or dispensaries or anything that you might think would help would be great. Thanks for sifting through this wall of text.

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