Millionaire Segway owner dies in cliff fall

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  1. Except not at all like that.

  2. Isnt the top speed like 10 mph.

    He didnt see the fucking cliff coming?
  3. [ame=]YouTube - Austin Powers 1- Stoooooooooooooooop![/ame]
  4. It was in his own backyard, he had to of known there was a cliff there.
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    He was bored of plain old Segwaying... He developed a new XTREME SEGWAY sport, where he rode with one wheel off the edge of a cliff. Well it didn't work out for him in the end.
  6. It's a setup.
  7. rode that bitch right off the cliff did he?
  8. Oh no... The machines are becoming self aware.

    *terminator theme*
  9. Cracked can add him to their top list of inventors killed by their own inventions now.
  10. reading the article it wasn't Dean the inventor who died, the guy that owned the business is no longer with us.
  11. OHHHHH ok.
  12. Not suspicious? I bet his wife got a massive life insurance policy on him, they were enjoying the view over the cliff and she pushed him and was like "shit, I better throw the segway down there too so no foul play is suspected'

  13. I KNO RIGHT!?? lol my previous post was sarcastic. tone through text is always a fail
  14. It's the new sport, anti-spelunking.
  15. hahahahaha :eek:

    i didnt even look at it and i think its hilariously ironic.
  16. I guess he meant in the sense that two guys died in freak accidents while doing something related to their respective jobs.

    Steve was filming for a new show, and the CEO Segway dude was riding a piece of his merchandise.

    At least that's what I got from it.:smoke:

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