*Milkshot Vid* Custom Heady Inline A/C!

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    Let me just start off by saying my photography skills are lacking with that said here is my new glass pickup. Custom Heady Inline A/C - 4 Arm Tree Perc in the middle with an 8 hole inline diffusor at the bottom. Work done by Ray of SSG.






    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHMecBjgTLI"]YouTube - Fixed Stem Toro with Custom Heady Inline A/C[/ame]

    Let me know what you guys think. Im loving it.;):bongin:
  2. uhhh well i will start off by saying fucking sick
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    dude that is a fucking wild set up, i love that ashcatcher. can you try to get a better shot of that perc? I would love to see the work inside.
  4. damn man, + rep, the art is so sweet. i love inlines, cant wait to get mine blown :)



    OP- that setup is sooooo sick, I would love to rip that :bongin::bongin::bongin:
  6. awesome new ashcatcher man. Functions incredibly well and looks great !! :bongin:
  7. I can tell you 100% that that is the nicest thing I've seen from SSG. For sure. Love the colors.
  8. That's a dope setup man.
  9. Beautiful! I'm glad to see that tube getting pampered with an amazingly worked ashcatcher. Where did you pick up the A/C?
  10. Thanks for all the positive comments guys. I also picked up an Alex K slide from Bob at SMG. I will post pics once Grunge Off has done its work.:D

    Closetsmoker sent ya a PM
  11. Thats tits man... all I can say.
  12. more shots of the tree perc would be sick, but that is by far the nicest ass catcher i have seen. beautiful work as well solid filtration and low drag(i can only assume of course) since youve clearly already spent a pretty penny on this setup you might as well go the whole 9 yards and get a chubbler slide for it to keep it clean :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  13. beautiful setup. props
  14. i'm fully erect
  15. How do you go about cleaning a tube like that, i mean how do you get all the water out of it?
  16. Gross, dude. Is that even a compliment?
  17. well it wasn't meant to be taken so literally but ya it's a compliment. just saying that's an attractive setup in my opinion :)
  18. HAHAHA Leonid.....

    And I'm lovin that inline.. I love how fat the upper section is
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    Very easy. Grunge Off is by far the best cleaning solution IMO. No shaking = no risk of breaking something. To get the water out just tip it up side down a couple times and eventually all the water exits.

    As far as drag goes the a/c actually adds a significant amount of drag, but thats the beauty of it all. If i want to have no drag just remove it and go to town. I will say however that it burns the herb alot slower and gets me higher than smoking without it.

    Im going to try and take some more pics of the worked 4 - arm tree perc but its hard to take a good picture.

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