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Milking the double!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jmackisback, May 27, 2006.

  1. Me...

    My buddy (im filiming too!).

    Believe it or not..this is 3 diff kinds of BC 3.2 MP camera just stinks at picking stuff up at close range....


  2. great creeping jesus man. Beautiful. Where did you get that monster?? +rep fiiiine looking buds there too.
  3. Thanks bud! :)

    Check out my thread a few posts down...
  4. Me again...

    My buddy again...
  5. god that bong is pretty. nice milkshot pics. post up a vid of that bad guy those percs look like they can mess you up. rep+
  6. lol, damn dude, that Kind Creation is definitely looking to be a monster ripper

    lucky guy
  7. that bong is fucking sick! + rep
  8. nice bong how much did that run u?
  9. your 3.2 MP cam takes clearer pics then my 5 mp on macro....thick milk and nice bong man, bangin buds too
  10. Yay for milk!
  11. Milk helps make strong Stones.
  12. Thanks everyone, I apprecaite it! :D

    For those asking about the bong...please check out my thread several posts down.

    Hopefully some more pics up tomorrow, and some 5 footer milks.

    Once I get my 5mp camera fixed, I will get some vids up :)
  13. beautiful bong
    ++rep fer sure!
    how much didyou pay for it?
  14. haha, rep+
  15. that is a badass bong
  16. ::busts a girl nut:: :eek:

    No words can describe how awesome that thing is!! Enjoy it!!
  17. Thanks for all the positive feedback ladies and gentlemen :)

    More to follow....
  18. bud (3 diff kinds of bud)...

    chopped up bud on the left....thc powder as I call it is in the upper right....






    Just got a new camera to replace the one I broke....videos to come soon! :)
  19. I love the pose your boy is doing. :cool:
  20. +rep for all that! :smoking:

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