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Milking Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by AhToker, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. I've had this piece for about a month or two now but havent really mastered on getting the best of hits. Still gets me high and conserves a good amount of weed. I've milked it before but havent been able to for a while.

    I just cleaned it with some Iso and salt. I unclogged it a little so that isnt the problem.

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  2. nice piece man!
    Corner the bowls and drag slowly but deeply.
    Works for me:bongin:
  3. try keeping the flame to the bowl a bit longer to get a bigger initial cherry then drag slow
  4. Thanks man. It cost $15
  5. That's cool.
    It's color changing glass right?
  6. Keep the flame slightly touching the weed and take long, slow pulls. Nice piece anyway.
  7. Not really, it stays the same design. Really easy to clean too
  8. Nice, I got one that was basically the same for about $13. Awesome piece for the price. And they get you higher than you'd expect from a little thing like that :D

    As for milking it... just pack the bowl full and get it cherried. These things have small bowls so you can probably do it all in one hit. That will get you stoned.

    You put water in it, right?
  9. Yes. Alright I took my time and packed it nicely. Its milking great now :)
  10. Hey 9D3. Where did you get this piece for $13? a local headshop or online? It looks great and im tryna get one similar
  11. almost as easy as milking a cow (never milked a cow before, but I imagine it can't be hard)

  12. It's hard man! It ain't just grabbing the tits and squeezing!
  13. I got it going. I just have to break up the weed like a normal bowl. I just hate how it goes through the hole -.-
  14. get a screen, then you can have super fine weed and itll burn evenly.
  15. Last time I used a screen I didnt put it in properly and a full bowl of hash just flew out and disappeared -.-
  16. break up your bud into smaller pieces and it will be easier for you to milk
  17. Do you think these get you higher?

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