Milking my homemade!

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by Bubble Kushh, Feb 15, 2009.

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    Lol after :50 seconds I forgot I was recording.
    Anyways what ya think?

  2. Sick homemade; bet toking out of it goes real nice while munching on some ecst-- I mean, sweet tarts :smoking:
  3. Lol word. Thats tight you remember me from that thread lol.
  4. Nice Bong there. But don't the X's on your hands stand for straight edge etc?
  5. Lol no I was at a nightclub until 2 this morning and that was their way of saying that I cant drink, under 21.
  6. Either that or he was at a club within the past day or two; x marks the underage.

    edit: OP beat me to it, didn't notice it when I posted this.

  7. Niice
  8. Dude that's tight.. Lots of smoke :) and now when i smoke i hold my whole head and bong outside the window so NO smoke comes inside.. it's nice
  9. Alright then next time I come over Ill bring it over and we get enhanced!
  10. is that a propel bottle? i made one out of one of those it works amazing :smoke:
  11. what was the thing you blew the smoke through?

    SOrry just interested
  12. Looks like a sploof/doob tube to me. Pack a cylinder (usually a paper towel or toilet paper cardboard tube) full of drier sheets. With a rubber band, secure more drier sheets over the end of the tube. Breathe your hit through the tube and the smell of ganj should be significantly/altogether reduced.
  13. Niiiice, big tokes! Lol at u dancing! :smoke:
  14. hahahaah very nice!

    please post a tutorial on how to make one of these.

    and lol whats with the X's on the back of your hand? lol sXe
  15. if your E was sweet tarts,
    then that bowls probly filled with fun dip.
  16. Dude, I had totally forgot about Fun-Dip until I saw your post. I gotta get me some of that sugary goodness.
  17. The x's on his hand's are from him going to a club the other night.. he's under 21 still.... and yes he's using a sploof.. (sry for answers all the questions Bubble lol)

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