MILK, whats your favorite strain?

Discussion in 'General' started by illcid, Oct 7, 2003.


Whats your strain of milk?

  1. Whole Milk

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  2. 2%

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  3. 1%

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  4. Scim Milk

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  5. Buttermilk

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  6. powdered milk, sick bastered

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  1. hehe, you like Milk? Cause I do! Whats your favorite type of milk and what store do you like it from. You know all milk tastes different, give your favorite supermarket some props!
  2. skim. its skim.
  3. skim is just too skim, but I bet that makes you keep your sexy curves, makes your skin so soft, and wait...what am I doing, its sensimil, arnt you? going to bed now. I love you. I search for you naked everyday on the forum. Where is sensimil naked!

    im sorry, im such an asshole. You can come over and slap me.
  4. ive been drinking like a half gallon of milk a day (give or take...all i know is when i lived with my parents they bought like 4-5 gallons of milk a week and only me and my dad EVER drink milk.)...and it ALL tastes the same to me...cept like chocolate...and whole milk doesnt taste different...but i can tell cuz its thicker ya know kinda...its heavier or somethin i dunno...but yah...if it looks and tastes like milk ill drink it
  5. ok buddy. night night.

    im just saying stoner, lol, you spelled it wrong...
    but let me elaborate :)

    skim, for everyday drinking, cause I do dig milk.......mmm mmm good :p

    yeah and good for tha bod .. tecal!

    but if we making chocolate milk, or strawberry milk, or milkshakes, or pudding... (How can you have and pudding if you dont eat your meat!!) then we need to be thinking the WHOLE fatty cow baby. MOOOOO..
  6. Choc. milk is SOOOOO good, i could drink that brown shit all day! More ovaltine Please!

    ovaltine is my fav. of all drinks, I mix that with a little crown and BAM! Im getting drunk and thinking why I drank what I drank and finding s spot to puke my brains out. I really contridict myself a lot.

    I must be a very confusing person.
  7. i don't drink m,ilk... but i heavily use cheese products... lots o ice cream and cheese...
  8. Milk is gross. I only eat cheese.
  9. im a vitamin d ass motha fucka
    gimme some whole milk or even straight out the tank
    the sweetness
    i fuckin love milk i drink like a galon a day
    i mean it helps prevent osteoporosis
    maybe thats why im so big cuz i drink soo much milk
  10. I would say chocolate milk is the best not strawberry though, thats some nasty shiznit.
  11. Full regular milk is the best... i like it more than chocolate milk..
  12. Alright, so who can drink a gallon of milk in an hour w/out puking?? 2 of my friends tried it but neither made it.
  13. i do not like milk sam i am,
    Wait wot we talking about again?

  14. 311 challange ... nearly impossible but can be done...:D
  15. My frind tried to gulp a gallon of milk and we have him recorded throwing up all over the place. Like a jackass thing, pretty funny, and hes really fat too.
  16. its possible to drink a gallon of skim milk in an hour easier than any other kind cuz it has more wateryness...but the true milk challenge involves 2%...and its almost impossible because the milk begins to curdle in your stomach from the acid and it causes you to puke...ive tried it a few times, no one i tried it with succeeded including me.
  17. I knew a white boy that could drink a tall glass of milk in less than 5 secs. he could probly do it.

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