Milk vid, second try :)

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    9mm Zong "The Hemperor" Jack Herer limited edition (whatever that means :) )
    Ash catcher
    Eyse glycerin condenser coil

  2. Looks like a little bit of a hassle to hit if I was you I would only use one, but it looks nice.
  3. Man that thing has some volume to it. I like the idea but it didn't seem to practical, nice hit too
  4. Now that's a milk vid! Haha nice to see the hit this time. I see the attachments are draggy but how's the smoothness

  5. I actually like some back pressure, it makes it easier for me to regulate the flow. As for how smooth it is... I have weak ass old man lungs and I can get pretty big hits off it with out coughing my ass off.

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