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  1. Alright guys I finally got some milk shots of my new bong which has 2 percs, ice catch, and a down stem diffuser, oh and my friend gave me that bowl with a stem too. Oh and I was chillin with some friends and my dealer who was splitin his qp into 1/8ths enjoy the pics!!:smoke:

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  2. I'm diggin the bowl and good job going for a beaker bottom those are the best IMHO.
  3. Very nice bong man! Love the perc's w/ the beaker bottem.
  4. Haha thanks me too bong only cost me 100 + tax with a free pipe
  5. nice bong.

    nice felony dis. amounts of marijuana too ;)

    but i really have to ask:
    he say you could post those here? be a shame if he didnt, then came here and saw some kid trying to earn rep off private pictures of HIS weed..
    maybe you should tell him.
    maybe he's already seen them..

    maybe he's me. ;)
  6. Your dealer is a tard for having his shit prebagged.
  7. ^^ ur a tard.
  8. pre-bagging = convenice, and easy countability.
  9. I'm not trying to get rep off his stuff man just sharing some pics of the night and your not him tyrone haha
  10. Dude, if i was a dealer id be pissed if you were taking pics of me baggin my shit.

    And id be pissed if you posted them on the internet.

    Shame on you.
  11. I'm a fan of the Beaker Bottom as well. +Rep on the glass bud. Enjoy it :)
  12. My dealer bags his shit like that in the roll ups and pre-bags too:eek:!!

  13. dude its not like fuckin dealer is smiling and posing for pics, you cocks make such a big deal over stupid shit like prebagged 8th and fuckin pics. Lame
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    First of all he obviously knew I was taking pictures and he just was like don't let the cops see those on your phone lol and he is a friend too. It isn't like I am posting his face and name all up on here. I was just sharing some sweet pics of some dank widow
  15. Seriously though lol.. hes posting pics with no faces and not some huge amount. No cops are on here trying to bust a dude for 1 qp.
  16. I wouldnt buy pre bagged dope
  17. I weigh it man and he only buys dank its a great hook up
  18. Why are their so many bitches o GC??? Get over yourself kids and stick wit if you dont have anything nice to say don't say it all. NO one wants to hear your bullshit thoughts.

    Nice stuff OP...
  19. nice! i have the same one almost, but mines green with clear percs.
  20. Clear that shit!

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