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Milk product

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by peacebaby914, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. Okay, I make all my medibles with coconut oil. It works great. I want ro try something new. I've read a recipe that used heavy whipping cream (to extract cannabinoids into, instead of oil). Don't remember what the recipe was FOR, & can't figure what I'd DO with said milk or cream.
    I'm getting sick of brownies or Kristy treats & cookies. I am wondering what else I could make with all the trimmings & little buds I have. IDK how to male hard candy at all.... I imagine it would be pretty complicated with cannabis. I just need to do SOMETHING different.
    Any help or ideas (recipes) would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Why not make cooking vegetable oil instead of butter or coconut oil?
    Well, you might be interested in this site/recipe: Whipped Canna-Cream.
    Cheers for medibles!
  3. Nice link. Very useful. Now I'm thinking of making the caramels! I wonder if anyone here has done those.
  4. Hello, just for a quick idea.. Just replace any butter in almost any recipe with your coconut oil.. Use the same measurements it transfers nicely..
    Sweets and baking is cool but people often forget about plain old dinner time.. Butter the roasted chicken.. Throw a little in the green beans.. A little medicated olive oil to make a salad dressing..
    I have come up with many ideas. I work out a lot so smoking doesn't really interest me to much.:)

    You are so open minded I should only think like you...
  5. yea i was alsp going to suggest using the oil/butter in savory dishes. candy can be tricky but some folks get the hang of it real quick.
  6. Making candy, taffy, reminds me of distilling booze, it's all about temperature. With a couple tries candy is very obtain able. Practice with normal ingredients and then just substitute the butter with medicated when you got it...
  7. Do you not know how to use google to search for recipies?

  8. Google is a great place to learn but as funny as it sounds I run into people all the time that don't know how to cook AT ALL!! Even recipes baffle them. It's like learning a foreign language, it can be tough until you are inspired... I really hope cooking with weed inspires many people to kick it up a notch and learn to cook.. And dare I hope it leads to better eating too:)

    You are so open minded I should only think like you...
  9. When I want something different I make Lon Lon milk. Just get a carton of soy milk with the highest fat and double boil it covered with a quarter of decarbed bud for an hour and a half, more time wouldn't hurt though. Just make sure you stir it often. Strain it when you're done and chill it. Then pop in some old school Zelda and enjoy it. If I remember right I get 2 and a half quarts from a carton.
  10. You need a glass jug first ;)

    Lol great Zelda reference man
  11. I mean really the easiest way to get Lon Lon milk is to play eponas song next to a cow and then the cow has an orgasm and you get a full jar of milk. I doubt this dude has an ocarina or cows near him though so he's gotta do it the hard way.
  12. Another good way to infuse" is to use a tincture. They are easily made and can be quite potent.
    For people on the go or with out to many cooking skills it's handy to have around.. A few drops in your Cheerios.. endless hours of Zelda burning itself into the top of my tv screen... I might have done that once or twice :)

    You are so open minded I should only think like you...
  13. I second this. Green dragon is way stronger but you asked for milk so I gave you Lon Lon milk. The milk tastes better but green dragon will hit you a lot harder and faster because you can use it sublingually.
    You can also use Green Dragon to infuse sugar, honey, agave nectar, butter, oils and a lot of other things to keep your taste buds from getting bored.  :smoking: 
  15. Sorry I don't find GOOGLE as good of a place to get good, sound, experienced advice on EVERY TOPIC!
    You COULD just ignore it if you have some problem.

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