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Milk? ( i might be on to something)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RickyTokes, May 15, 2011.

  1. Okay so in the seasoned tokers thread, Someone posted about Gatorade A's bong water. Someone replied saying use cold milk for thick smoke. Well since milk has fat in it , does it absorb thc?Could you use milk As bong water for a few hits then take out the bong milk and put it in a glass and drink it to get more high? I don know if this would work but just a thought :bongin:

    Thanks ,
  2. Have you ever tasted milk mixed with shit? It would probably taste like that. I don't think that would work, as the smoke would only be in contact with the milk for a split second. I think the bud would need to be in direct contact with the milk, and it would probably take a long time. Longer than you'd want to keep milk.
  3. Wait a second. How would you be getting more high?

    The Milk would be absorbing THC, and the THC would enter your system when you drink it. I understand that part. But, the milk would just be filtering out THC that water wouldn't any way. By smoking with water, you'd be getting just as much THC as you would by smoking with milk and then drinking it.

    But, with water, you won't have to drink something disgusting in the end.
  4. Well yeah I knew that if it would work it would taste horrible. And yeah i figured that it wouldn't work but just wanted another opinion, ya know?
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    how about warm water mixed with cough drops for bong water? Just a theory
  6. #6 RickyTokes, May 15, 2011
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    I meant to drink it the next day or something. Idk tho

  7. milk sittin out for a day wouldnt be good it would prolly spoil and smell bad

  8. Maybe it would get you a lot higher like with edibles?
  9. I think it has a potential to work, it could exacerbate the effects for a longer duration like an edible high.
  10. Seasoned section? I'm pretty sure they were being sarcastic..... And can noobs please start learning that there is a lot more that gets you high than just THC...
  11. #11 RickyTokes, May 15, 2011
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    Refrigerate it? Maybe that's what I was thinking
  12. #12 RickyTokes, May 15, 2011
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    Sorry for the double post but I'm far from a noob. Please don't make assumptions based on my wording. Also there not being sarcastic. Go take a look my man
  13. I've tasted some hookah milk before, the taste isn't that bad if you don't smoke shit to begin with I must say...
  14. It needs to be heated to bind, but never mind im stupid.
  15. I appreciate all the feed back everyone! Keep it coming!
  16. What do you think you're doing to the weed when you light it? :confused::confused:

    Still a terrible idea. Shit tasting milk with marginal amounts of thc absorbed into it that probably won't noticeably affect your high, if at all.

    And then you have to clean the bong because you let milk sit in it and it stains the shit out of glass.

    Also, to those talking about water not filtering THC - it does some. Not much, but it absorbs thc more readily than it does noxious tar vapor..
  17. Have something strong to wash it down with. Gin would be my choice
  18. #18 RickyTokes, May 15, 2011
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    I don't even have a bong If all of you guys said that it could work i was just gonna make a little homeade 2liter bong and use that. As for the taste i woulda put some chocolate syrup in it to try and take away from the possible ash like taste.

    Edit: also I would try the milk drinking while completely sober. I was thinking that I could maybe achieve a edible like high?

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