"Milk gets rid of your high"

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  1. Is this true? A friend of mine said if you drink a lot of milk. like a glass or two. idk. But it'll decrease your high. I kinda see this being true though
  2. what kind of milk? 2% or skim?
  3. idk just milk....
  4. I drink milk and I'm still blazed. :bongin:
  5. just dont drink milk...

    its not really that good for you anyway
  6. Why Is This:confused:......

  7. lmfao milk is grand and healthy from what ive read

    OP. milk like any other food usually decreases your high. milk has fat and protein and carbs and is high in calories. a glass or two has enough calories to be a meal.

  9. .....Someone say milk?
  10. that shits not true.
  11. Meh, whatever, I always drink milf and never notice anything different from when I dont drink it. Definitely doesn't kill your high.
  12. for alot of ppl consuming food/drink in general decreases their high(myself included)
    i like to eat before i get high and just sip a drink for cotton mouth
  13. lol. freudian slip much?
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    Wow... pride yourself on being an informed stoner, and you believe that?

    Milk has alot of things your body wasnt designed to digest. Hence it being made for baby cows. Believe in the food pyramid, too? They taught you that right alongside the "smoking weed kills braincells" thing. That right, the food pyramid is FUNDED by the fda/usda.

  15. half my family (grandma's imediate family and older) was raised on a farm. they drank milk right from the tit of many cows, and are very healthy, many living up to 90+ years.

    im sure that they use baby cows instead is because its probably more pure

    for something that my body wasnt able to digest, i and many others seem to be doing a a fine job dont ya think? if theres something milk does LONG term that may harm me, fuck it ill enjoy myself now.
  16. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APAySMepRm8]YouTube - Milk Was A Bad Choice[/ame]
  17. For this, Ill quote yahoo answers.

    "From experience, I beleive that milk is not a healthy drink. I used to drink a glass of milk every morning before high school, and had bad acne all through my high school years. I tried medications and washes and nothing worked. Then I took a trip to mexico my senior year, and didn't drink the milk down there, in ONE week my acne was totally gone. I've experimented a few times with drinking a couple glasses of milk since then, and it always causes me to break out. I spoke with my uncle about this. He is a nationally renown toxicologist, and he hasn't let his family drink milk for years because of it's toxic effect on the body.
    In milk there is a suprising number of the cow's white blood cells in the milk. For those of you who might not know, white blood cells attack foreign bodies. A single glass of milk can contain millions of the cows white blood cells.
    Why would you think that milk is healthy for you? Because a multi billion dollar a year business is telling you that thier product is great for you!!
    Think for yourself and realize that you are doing more harm than good to your body."
  18. Milk is just fine for you, I can see how someone reasoned that the fat will bind to THC, but this is not true unless you ate the weed, in which case you would still digest the THC.

    So no, milk will not get rid of your high, but it will taste amazing.

  19. You are DIGESTING THE MILK, it doesn't matter what kind of cells it has in it, because they are being destroyed quite fast in your stomach, and their chemicals utilized to power your body. Do you think that if you eat corn the plant cells will begin to take over yours and make you grow into a giant cornstalk? No? ok, well that would be just as plausible, even with the human/PLANT bridge.

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