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milk as bong water?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bamberooch, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. does it do anything( get you higher,taste better)
  2. absorbs thc in the fat of the milk...bad idea
  3. ok i was just wondering thanks
  4. yeah it absorbs thc, you could drink the disgusting milk after you rip it and see if that would get you blitzed, but i dont recommend it
  5. sounds nasty as fuck
  6. Would not try that, ill stick to water lol
  7. that sounds so fucking gross.
  8. Doesn't it need heat to actually absorb a decent amount of THC though? Plus, you could drink the milk after if it worked.
  9. Holy feck I'd try it... Then again I haven't been using my nice GonG pieces lately, just shitty 13$ bubblers that look like crack pipes! :D
  10. Dont forget milk will bubble up like when u suck thorugh a straw. Get all that nasty bong milk in your mouth.
  11. I know it could go horribly wrong, but I've been inspired, will be trying this soon haha :p
  12. non, nein, no

    the only thing you should put in your bong is water.
  13. no.. just no.
  14. Milk is damn expensive, try something a little cheaper first like R/C cola or sumin gross as shit.

    But really though it won't work, just stick to water
  15. that just sounds so nasty.....

    let us know how that goes for u bruh.
  16. Try chocolate syrup :smoke:
  17. Wouldn't it be festive to use raindeer urine at christmas?
  18. Not when working with fat or alcohol
  19. If you wanna make it taste better, put some Tasty Puff in the water. There's a shit ton of flavors... That's actually where I get my screen name... Mango Tango is one of the flavors. :p

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