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  1. Well, I am faced with a life decision. I will be finishing highschool soon, and I\'m not very good at school, so college is out of the question. What I want to do is join up in the Military. But see, what you must understand, is I don\'t want to go into the military to go to training, and never see action. You all may find this silly, but I don\'t fear death. Maybe my thought on that will change when the time is near, but I just don\'t fear it. I also have gotten to the point that I am basiclly numb to pain.. unless it\'s extreme. Both mental and physical pain don\'t phase me anymore. I\'ve been stabbed, threatened, it just doesn\'t even matter to me anymore. I\'m thinking about waiting untill next year when I\'m done with HS, I will be 19 at the time.
    I know in order to fullfill this, I will need to quit smoking weed, which is easily attainable. But what you need to understand is that I want to fight for a cause, I want to depend on my squad. I want to experiance first hand the smell...the feel...the hatered of war. I want to know what it\'s like to be a split second from death. I want to know what it\'s like to kill or be killed.
    I have already made the decision that if I do enter the military, I accept the fact that I won\'t come back. If I make the decision to go, I will stay untill my jobs done, which means my life has ended. I don\'t support the leaders of my country, but I do support my country. There may be hate amoungst our nation, but I care for every person in it. I don\'t feel my life has a real reason except to fight for a cause. This may all be a ramble to you, but, I don\'t know, I don\'t see anything else that I\'d like to do in life.

    Basiclly what I feel right now is that I don\'t know who I am. How much can I truley know about myself if I\'ve never been close to death? Even when someone I care for dearly dies, I feel no pain, sure I miss them, but theres no pain. I know death is a natural part of life, it\'s just the cycle, therefore I don\'t fear it, infact I more or less embrace it. Now don\'t get me wrong, I don\'t want to die, but I am willing to.

    Any opions from you Blades?

  2. that would be a pretty big step entering in. One of my better friends decided to join the Navy because he felt he was in the same situation you are (described much of what you did). He regretted joining once the time came near just because he decided he would rather hang out with friends than go fight. I also know someone who chose to go into the Army and he is in the middle of Baghdad right now being shot at every day and shooting others (he also talked about what you talked about) although he is loving it over there, the rush that he gets everyday.

    i can\'t tell you what you should do as i am not in your situation and it is ultimately yours, but personally I would rather go to school and go that route than go fight. However, since you say that you know you do not want to go to college(i recommend you think hard about that) going into the military(whatever branch you are thinking) would probably be better than choosing some minumum wage job at mcdonalds.

    Best wishes with whatever you decide on,
  3. Hey man I am also enlisting at the end of this year I am going into the Marine\'s... Which mean\'s no good ole\' times with MJ for about 4 year\'s... But the Marine\'s was my decision for many years now and I agree with you on what you say about feelings...etc but good luck on whatever you decide to do bro... cause im sure were going to need it going into boot camp.

    Peace... maybe we can meet up one day after our time in service and spark one:smoke:
  4. An opinion?

    I\'m not sure if i\'m allowed to give an opinion on this forum anymore unless it agrees with the original poster, or otherwise i\'m branded immature and disrespectful.

    But honestly, I was going to call you something along the lines of a naive child who\'s played one to many Call of Duty video games or watched too many war movies... but i\'ll stay civil.

    You really need to learn more about the military, and by that I don\'t mean go read some military propaganda. Talk to some people who have served, visit\'s recruiting forum and eventually talk to a recruiter (who will lie to you). I\'m thinking you are a little too young to know what the fuck you\'re talking about when it comes to life and combat and you might be getting ahead of yourself.

    You haven\'t experienced enough to make even a decent decision on what you want to do with life, and what it\'s worth.

    Instead of deciding to join the military yet, I think you need to first off check if you\'re eligable or not (by your posts you seem to have some mental problems, and if you\'ve been any sort of medication recently [ADD = automatic DQ] or if you\'ve recieved more then 6 months of counseling [if you haven\'t, you might need it] then you\'re probably DQ) then fix these mental problems of yours and finally go out and experience life.

    You aren\'t ready yet.
  5. But the recruiter wont lie to you. He will though make it sound better than it is. My step brother joined the navy about a year after he graduated high school. He wasnt sure what he wanted to do and went to the recruiting office with a friend one day and decided to join. So far he has resigned for another two years after the first four and he has never said he regrets it.

    Besides if you do join and decided to eventually leave you will have some good experience that will stick with you. Whatever you choose think long and hard about it.:)

  6. First off, don\'t disrespect me again. I can assure you I am not a niave child, I simply want to fulfill what I have wanted for a long time. You call me far to young at 18? What age is acceptible then to you? You are nothing to me, you are just some bitch ass punk on a computer. As for couciling, yeah I am in it, and I take offense to that, telling me I need it, FUCK you.
    I don\'t like to disrespect people, but you are a fucking asshole. I don\'t think you have the slightest clue to life, and your telling me I\'m not ready for the military? You know why I want to go into the military? Becuase I want to get shit straight, to tell you the truth I don\'t give a fuck if I live or die, which is the main reason. But hey man, if you don\'t like these boards, get the fuck off because it will sure please me. People like you really make me angry, it\'s people like you that are going to end me up in prison for life. You are an asshole sir, I am trying to be respectful, but seriously, you are the biggest asshole I\'ve ever met. You are obligated to your opion, and so am I. So heres my opion: You are a waste of life, and I hope somthing very bad happens to you. I\'m sorry Indy/Rummy, but this guy is just a fucking prick.


    Aimed, c\'mon know that there is way too much in this post that doesn\'t float, regardless of how you feel about the other member!!! *RMJL[/COLOR]
  7. im right with u too man...i wanna join the military as well and fight with honor for my country and for the citizens within.....i WILL NOT however fight for my leaders or any party... think of what the founding fathers had to do to make this country great and free (somewhat lol) but i want to fight with honor and if i have to i\'ll do for my country... i also could honestly care less about money and politics which is all our country\'s leaders think of...its rediculous..

    i hope to become a firefighter or a police officer(plz dont hate me ill explain my reasons later when i hav more time lol) becuz helping civilians and people is wat i want to do most becuz of what ive seen...

    \"There is no higher honor than human service. To work for the common good is the greatest deed.\"-

    ^ thats motivation for me
  8. Unless you\'ve served in the military which you probably have\'nt but you still have a bit of knowledge about it, don\'t say shit.Have you served in the military or even thought about joining it? He asked for advice, dont tell anyone they\'re not ready for anything until you know them. You dont just pull the idea to join the military out of your ass anyway. You have to be ready when joining the military which is something I\'m taking into considerationg as well. It straightened out my dad\'s life and his dad\'s life too. I know you did give advice but when you turn to fellow potheads on an internet forum do you really think saying something like that would even have an effect on his decision, although I\'m not trying to speak for anyone, I think joining the military would be a wise decision.
  9. Thank you for getting that across LB89, +Rep for that. Also, it\'s nice to see some other stoners considering the military. If you join up, I wish you luck on making it out.

  10. You dont do it for war. War is a terrible thing.

    You do it for your companions, for your country. Its a service. By you serving, that means your making sure your friends and family dont have to.

    And that, I believe, is the key to achieving all that meaning of life meaningfulness and stuff. Giving a sacrifice for others...
  11. Well said Alpha, thats mainly what I was trying to get across, you found the words for it, I didn\'t. As stated before, I\'m not scared to die, which is my main reason for wanting to go into the military. I am willing to sacrifice myself for my family and friend\'s well-being.

    +rep to you Alpha.. your a good Blade and I respect you.


  12. I have nothing against the military and I do think its an option for people to consider. I come from a military family (all the men in my family have been in the military)

    He asked for my opinion and I gave it. He listed some of the wrong reasons, IMO, to join the military (to see war, to die).
  13. That\'s pretty much how i feel.

    But then again i don\'t know you as well as i do some other GC members, i may have an unfortunate biased.

    And by the way, don\'t act surprised when you ask for opinion, get one you dont like and have a hissy fit, makes you seem just that much younger and naive, huh?
  14. Well then, you don\'t have first hand experiance. Untill you do, please leave this thread and don\'t return because i don\'t want you in here. Your just a waste of the bandwidth, because your just a huge asshole. Good bye, un-kind sir.


    Again, no name-calling!!! *RMJL[/COLOR]
  15. What happened to you being all gung-ho about ending the hosility and drama on here?

    You\'re just starting it buddy.

    I wouldn\'t let anybody on these forums talk to me like that, kudos to FrostedStrowger for taking criticism well.

  16. You need to chill out man. You asked for my advice and I gave it. I didn\'t mean anything disrespectful by saying you should considering counseling, but you keep posting shit like you don\'t care about life.

    You just posted right here that the main reason you want to join is because you don\'t care about your life. Man, what do you want me to post? That everything is alright with you?

    What I meant by you being young is that you really haven\'t gone out and experienced the world. I think that is something you need to do before you considering whether life is worth throwing away or not.

    You asked for my opinion and I gave it. You\'ve given your opinion. I don\'t have a grudge even though you\'re spewing hate at me in this forum and through PMs. I have a bad temper too so I can understand.

    Either way I think life is precious and even if you do wish bad shit happens to me, that i\'m a waste of space and that I should commit suicide, I hope you just understand I hope you appreciate life and don\'t throw it away.

    I have nothing against the military and I do believe that it can help people out. It\'s just my opinion that you shouldn\'t join in the hope of seeing war and dying.

    Hope you have a good day man.

    Edit: Besides being in a military family, I have looked heavily into joining the services as well. I took the ASVAB and scored a 95 on the AFQT so I was pretty heavily recruited. In the end I was DQ for going to more then 6 months of counseling. But okay, whatever you guys say.
  17. Aimed...seriously read your damn signature and try to grasp what it means

    You wanted opinions and Frosted gave you an honest opinion free from on the other hand replied by basically telling him/her to fuck off and die

    You\'ve got alot of growing up to do before you decide to put yourself in such a horrible situation IE where you may or may not meet with a 50 cal round or a roadside IED

    Lastly your reasoning for joining is a disgrace to every American fighting over there right now

    Edit - Rasta refer to this thread

    This obviously isn\'t the first time he\'s told people off in the past 3 days
  18. i\'m with frosted on this one. he wasn\'t being disrespectful, he was telling it like it is.

    just don\'t make any rash decisions aimed, think things through and wait until you have absolutely no doubts or trepidations before making a decision like that
  19. I comend you Sir! I think military, airforce, marines etc... is a good choice. Alot of people down the uniformed services and alot of people in the services hate it. Just remember the Army is what you make it bra. If you go into it with a shitty attitude chances are your not gonna like the armed services.

    Judging by what your saying though i don\'t think you\'ll have any problem with it, just make sure you know what yer gettin into

    Hardest part will be the no MJ thing :smoke:
  20. im joinin the Air Force in August, the 15th to be exact. Im pretty excited. I like the fact Ill be a part of something big and be making a difference.

    I however do not believe in this war, or the motives behind it. I am joining for 2 main reasons.
    1) For personal gain. From the financial benefits, being able to put military on a resume, money for college, to the honor that I will feel.

    2). For the fact that Im helping my country, and in a way helping everyone who is not in the military by taking their spot so they can live a normal life and not have to deal with the military since someone has to.

    I plan to attend college for free in the AF, hopefully have enough credits for a Associates degree which is pretty easy. When I get out I hope to use my GI bill money to get my batchelors degree.

    My job is putting the missles etc\"muntions\" together, from the computer aspect of it. I scored a 90 on my ASVAB test to enter the military. Since I scored so well i figured I would pick the top job and help my country out the best I could using the most of my intelligence.

    So I say yes, join the military.
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