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Discussion in 'General' started by Amallette92, May 21, 2008.

  1. hey everyone, im enlisting in the military in the begining of june, but im not going to boot camp until next summer....anyway i was wondering if anyone knows if they drug test you when you enlist or not?

    anyone know??
  2. Wish i could help man, but it was quite different back when i was in. +Rep though, and best of luck, just remember you'll get out of it what you put into it.
  3. thanks for the support man =)
  4. do not, under any circumstances, take my advice as fact, but I'm guessing they do.
  5. The Canadian Forces do.
    You have to take a qualification course first so...youl prolly just sweat it out.\
    US Millitary has a drug test too i think.They also have a qualification course too.
    Id say get into shape and start working out to get fit for the millitary before hand if your not already.
    I work out and toke too.Doesnt really effect me.Just stay away from harder drugs if you do them.
    Hoo Raa:smoking:
  6. They drug test you when you go do all your physicals and shit before you go off to Basic Training.
  7. they do test you for drugs as soon as you sign up the gov't owns you, you have no rights (well to a point) and yeah i agree with davoplot get in shape and be all you can be! ahahhaa good luck man
    info in military testing

  8. You have rights, but they are limited. Once you sign the paperwork, you are government property. If you want a tattoo, you have to ask permission. My uncle was in the army, got a tattoo without asking for permission, and he was locked up in military prison for... Defacing Government Property ( I think that's what it was ). Can't remember if he got discharged or not afterwards.
  9. i understand you want to help this country, but honestly why would u enlist now? these are horrible times. i couldn't see myself going to war for this country to fight a war that was started on false pretences in the first place. nothing against ya though man, good luck. just watch your back, this country's tricky
  10. Yes they do:

    once before you DEP (Delayed Entry Program) in or whatever you're doing

    then once when you arrive at bootcamp

    In the Marines it was almost comical.. people were having performance issues because of the D.I. walking around while people were pissing. "you're either gonna piss urine or blood into that fucking cup, makes no difference to me" haha good times, good times


    Damn! he must've got in in a conspicuous place and it must've been obscene. I knew a guy that got black tribal designs up his neck and he just got a page 11 service entry (reprimand) and 30 days restriction to barracks with half months pay taken away
  11. For the war huh? Thats where your going.
  12. yea they do but what branch u signed up for cus i got a buddy who felled a drug test for the Navy and they want take him any more, but he says the army or the mraines will.

    but if u join the infantry i am sure they'll take u no questions ask
  13. haha thanks guys =) yea i found out i get tested when i do the physical test and before boot. i had a feeling they would so i have have been clear for a month or so and drinking nothing but water constantly.... gives me a year then...hehe good cause i got slightly stoopid tickets in aug =D
  14. Oh, if you have that long you will be absolutely fine.

    Work on calisthenics daily (sit-ups, over and under pull-ups and push-ups, primarily), make damn sure your lungs are free of any smoke or carcinogen for quite a while and jog frequently. You need to be certain that your cardiovascular system is in tip-top shape before shipping out to boot camp, otherwise you will be dead in the water after daily PT for at least a few weeks.

    Good luck, and keep your head down!


    Also, it would be good to know which branch you're going into so we can look into the minimum physical requirements for that particular service. You also need to be at a certain body weight for your height and age, so talk to your recruiter about that.
  15. the marine corps, haha physically its not a problem at all, i have been wrestling for about 5 years now and i have been doing weekly PT with my recruter... running and all that jazz.

    thanks for the support everyone =)

    cant wait to blaze again:smoking:
  16. can people still be discharged for being gay?
  17. You worried about something?
    just kiddin'
  18. haha. no actually. i was interested in joining the military for a length of time. as an experiment, but i was hoping i could use the gay out so i could be discharged at anytime i feel the need.

  19. yea they still can get u out if u tell them ,they got the dont ask dont tell policy, and y would u want to join if wanted to get out later, if u cant hack it dont join. at least finish ur contract like every one else, dont be a pussy.
  20. They do dt you but my friend whose in the army tells me everyone blazes all the time. He could be exagerating though.
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