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  1. My mother is retired military and she suffers from ptsd, she use to give me hell growing up about my smoking/drinking habits because she's the goody goody out a family of thugs/pimps/cant get rights and ect. She respects my habit long as i respect her house we agreed to disagree a long time ago. Now dealing with ptsd, depression from coming and trying to re get to know her family after being gone the better part of her 20 years, and headaches as well as other physical restraints, she came to me a few months ago and asked me if i could help her get some green. We werent on great terms at the moment and it was akward so i said hell no that aint you(only because all the hell she use to give me as a child for my habits). a few months down the road after realizing the severity of her struggle and gaining a better understanding of ptsd, i feel fucking selfish for holding out on the woman that gave me life so i will be getting my mom high as a surprise for her bday. Any other soldiers or veterens who can relate to her struggle or army brats who have seen it first hand??

  2. Every situation is different with every family or person but I think I know how ya feel about it.  My dad was in the army for 22 years and we were always movin around. My mom was in for 7 years so I consider myself an army brat. lol. he definately has some PTSD related issues though.  When he lived with us we would never dare wake him up, whenever he got home he would always have a super hard time getting used to having kids again.  Minor things became huge things. like if I forgot to put the trashcan on the driveway and not on the grass, he would flip out. Me and him are pretty close and we both loved reading and stuff and I remember one time I was goin through his library and found this book "Killing Pablo".  I picked it up and went through it and found pictures of him and airplane tickets and stuff. I asked him about it and he teared up and just walked away. I really like what your doing for your mom. I would do the same but my dad still doesnt really know I smoke and not sure he'd be ready to smoke with his son.  I definanetly think this will help your mother for the better.  Let me know how it goes and thank her for service for me
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    She came to you... I'd talk to her asap. Trust me I'd rather anyone I care about be happy with a little green then taking all kids of pills just to pretty much be "numb". Especially with PTSD I personally would rather have weed then anything. Either way whatever terms you and your mom are on you needa make sure you make it good. You doing that for her giving you hell is kinda stupid because what parent that cared wouldn't especially because she probably grew up hearing it as a bad thing. Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4.  Man ain't that the truth, you know almost exactly where I'm coming from except other than moving alot we just stayed behind because my grandmothers health kept her from being too mobile but yea me and my momma have an interesting relationship i must say, im 23 shes 39 so she's still in her youth very full of life and thinks shes 23 until its time for a motherly moment lol, just getting to know her better I've learned she's not crazy as everyone thinks, just needs support and people there for her to help her get back in the rhythm of civilian life. As a child i didn't understand her sacrifices but couldn't be more proud to say my mom served her country and gave her kids a life we probably would have never seen if not for her sacrifices. She's very proud of her sobriety since addiction runs in the family and she had alot of people disciplined over failed drug tests but she's been coming around trying to shake the soldier mentality a little bit. Ptsd is hard i only seen my mom cry once when my granddaddy passed so i know trying to be strong for every one else she keeps so much bottled up it gets rough sometimes for everyone but she's getting better. I have a feeling after i teach her how things work as in that its not just about getting high like she thinks, she will learn to appreciate the herb, she did notice when i started smoking at 14 i got in much less trouble and it helps mellow out my internal issues(few screws loose). I wish your pops would be more open to it, might be exactly what he needs but i cant imagine trying to break that ice. 
    Slow down jarhead, no need to be judgmental without having all the facts, just the casual manner she came about it i didn't take her to seriously as i was in shock and thought she was just picking with me as she has always talked down and made sneak disses about my habit, i would never hold out on a good thing from my flesh and blood. Just caught me off gaurd and after farther thought and learning more about her, her experiences, and her condition that's when i realized maybe she was serious because we told she needed to smoke a blunt or have a drink a million times and her reply was always not in a million years so damn right i said that aint you. I don't knock her for staying on my ass making sure i didn't smoke my life away or become an addict of any kind but now that she's out i see she really just wants to relax and go with the flow instead of being the steam making sure the flow goes and as her oldest i feel responsible for helping her understand how alot of these interpersonal people issues work out in the civilian world, she was such a devoted soldier that she doesn't know too much else so i have to be here to support her transition and help her understand people and help people understand her because she is at a war of worlds, this the south people don't appreciate that gung ho in your face mentality that made a decorated soldier and kept her and her subordinates in order. So yea guy before you say somethings stupid you should give the benefit of the doubt and understand situations are often more complex that whats you see on the surface, something she's proud to say her son taught her. I'm a people person, every body likes me except people who don't understand why everyone likes me without taking the time out to actually learn what I'm about as a person..... there's always more than what meets the eye.
  6. I myself suffer from PTSD as well as anxiety.  Toking up is literally the best way for me to calm down and not be so high strong.  Used to feel really weird around my mom as well.  We smoked together, everything changed.  Cannibis is just good for the world my nig.
  7. She should at least try weed. If it doesn't work on her first try, she should try some different strains. Nobody in my immediate family served, but I know that in medical marijuana states people with PTSD can get it.
  8. thanks for the imput bro, glad it worked well for you and i do got a good feeling about this
  9. sweet, we stay in tn so she has to warm up to breaking the law a little bit but she's smart, and she knows all about risk and reward i just have to show her how to be safe about it
  10. Good luck manSent from my DROID RAZR using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  11. thanks, imma let yall know how it goes, maybe talk her into signing up so she can learn more than what i know, i know the game in the streets inside out but when i was serving sacks thats when i got in touch with my inner connasuer and wanted to broaden my horizon, i have a friend who doesn't smoke his mom was suffering from lupus and she was desprate for an alternative treatment other than them damn opanas and roxys they would perscribe her, needless to say he asked me to try to get her to smoke and her last 4 years she was happy and relatively pain free compared to the treatment she was getting, she was very happy and grateful to find something that worked for her so that really opened my eyes that this medical marijuana is real deal and its way bigger than being "high"

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