Military Recruitment Ads From Usa And Sweden

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  1. Americans have a glorified image of war. The whole culture seems to be drenched in militarism.
    I suppose it's more militarized than ours by comparison
    It doesn't really match the attitude of what I've experienced in interviews and documentaries featuring american soldiers. 
    This is why I'm super curious to hear some comments from people who know more about it
    Well once you actually go to war I imagine your glorified image is shattered fairly quickly.
    The difference in these 2 videos is essentially the same as the (overal, typical) difference between European and American movies about war. We have movies like Der Untergang and La Vita e Bella, which are typically European IMO. Whereas a movie like Saving Private Ryan is typically American.
  4. I definitely agree Americans perception of war is disillusioned. You have to think a nation that is a military industrial complex would gain from glorifying war, and perpetuating good vs bad, as well as fear. The media is controlled by "elite" who are trying to plant ideas and views systematically 
    it goes back to childhood when they teach about patriotism, which is "nothing but thinly veiled racism "in the words of Albert Einstein 
  5. I have a few friends who serve and have served. They all admit they joined because it looks exciting, honor of combat and all that. Now they realize they were lied to daily. Sacrificed peace of mind, limbs, and lives. Missions didn't make sense. They won't let their kids join any branch. American army is getting smaller because no one is joining.

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    The Army is getting smaller because we are pulling out of Afghanistan. I served but was never lied to dailey. Missions often don't make sense to the little guy that doesn't see the whole picture. I would do it again.
  7. Most of the people I know who joined the military did so because they couldn't figure out what they wanted to do with their lives. Or they joined because they wanted a free education. My step dad (30 years as a Marine) wanted me to join the Air Force because apparently my life didn't have enough direction. From what I've experienced it seems like people don't join the military because of a feeling of patriotism but more because it's just what you do. Especially in the mid west where people are poor and you don't have much of a chance to do anything out of the ordinary with your life outside of joining a branch of the military. 
  8. There are both kinds people join for different reasons. A few of my friends joined for schooling, combat, paycheck, direction in life it differs from person to person. There are always those blood thirsty lets kill the bad guys types but from what i can tell they don't always thrive in that enviroment.
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    Well #1 I would say that whoever produced the Swedish commercial is a terrible marketing director compared to the producer of the American video.  The goal of the commercial is to get people to join the military, not to give an accurate portrayal of war (which most people don't want to have flashed on their TV screen).
    As far as all of American culture being "drenched in militarism" that sounds like someone spouting propaganda that they were brainwashed with.  Do you have any idea what it's truly like to live in a militarized society like a 3rd world country, where the children are armed with grenades and assault rifles and sent to fight?  America and many other countries are wonderful places where most of us are not exposed to that sort of thing. So from your perspective you might think that it's "militarism" to see honor in serving your country's armed forces.  My friends who have grown up in other countries are grateful for the peace that their families enjoy here, and they DO honor and respect those service members who put their lives on the line.
    We aren't perfect but to say that we are a militarized society is the most absurd thing I've ever heard.  Most military forces wouldn't even accept the majority of American citizens as soldiers because we are out of shape, spoiled brats :)
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    Ok you're right, "drenched in militarism" is an overstatement. What I mean is that American culture has lots of aspects that in one way or another have to do with "militarism" (I guess it's not the right word but I don't know how else to describe it). For instance gun ownership, reciting the pledge of allegiance in schools, the way the police behave (pretty authoritarian), lots of military terms in daily language, and simply a level of respect for soldiers that we don't see here. It's not some isolated opinion of mine. It has been extensively written about.

    The last one is a 42 page scientific article. I haven't read it completely but I think I will later, looks very interesting.
    PS: The goal is not just to get people to join the military, but to get the right people. I think they made the commercial this way because they don't want any Rambo types. Not sure if they went about doing that the right way either though.
  11. Prime example:
    Victim: "I'm a US soldier, bro. Know you you're talking to."
    Cop: "You're talking to a US marine, you understand that?"
    Victim mumbles, hardly able to talk: "You're talking to a US soldier" :laughing:
  12. I never understood the whole notion of fighting for your country...
    Your "country" is just a line on a map. Your "country" is likely to change or even cease to exist in the future.
    People tend to identify with people that have many similarities. People who live in the same area, speak the same language, have the same religion, etc. tend to stick together. There's some logic in it. You live in your country so it's in your best interest that your country is doing well. Unfortunately it almost always comes at the expense of people in other countries, although many of them would probably do the same. Countries exist, that's just the reality we live in. And welfare just so happens to be dependant on the areas which we define as "countries".
    I guess it IS in our very primal nature... such a pity though!
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    I think we will have to overcome it if we are to survive in the long run. Otherwise we will destroy ourselves or will be unprepared for any major natural catastrophies that are bound to happen eventually.
  16. Certain water bags are easier to brainwash than others

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