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Military + Marijuana

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Weed.Wacker, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. Okay, well I plan on joining the military but I also want to get a medical card too. Do you think I will still be allowed to be in the military while I have a card. I need one to treat my insomnia and I think thats a good thing to have when your in the military. Of course I do not plan on smoking while deployed or at base. But when I am at my home in the civilian world, shoudlent I be allowed to smoke for medical reasons? Or will I just be rejected?
  2. Fuck the man!
  3. I think it would be more interesting to know if people in the service can get high while across the pond.

    Any service men/women out there care to share how easy / hard it is to blaze over there?
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    Seems pretty easy though =P but your obviously not allowed. But like CIA and Green Berets have it easy, they have to integrate with the traditions and culture of the afgan fighters. It just so happens that the Afgani's toke, so CIA and Green Berets get to do it too.

    But I am really interested in knowing if I can smoke if I have a card AND if I am not deployed. I'm going to ask my recruiter about it, but I'm going to make sure he gets the idea that I do it for medical reasons. ;) which I seriously do have insomnia. If you don't believe me, check the insomniac thread lol.
  5. hm i doubt it dude i wouldnt tell him.:confused_2: its a federal crime even though the state allows it.

    or at least wait until the head of the DEA is replaced. that bitch is crazy!

  6. U just made me want to join the military lol
  7. Don't waste your life on this disgraceful war.
  8. seriously dont waste your life on a war that has done nothing but make life much worse for iraqis, killed hundreds of thousands of people, wasted billions (trillions?) of dollars, and made our nation LESS secure (every day we are there more people join with terrorists/become freedom fighters). if people stop joining the army we wont have anyone to fight these stupid "wars". just know when you go to iraq your enemy wont be a uniformed soldier, but an iraqi citizen in sweat pants and tennis shoes...

    not hatin on the people in the military or anything, just dont join for the wrong reasons.
  9. Yeah, you could find bud that looked like those plants but without those males in Northern California and you dont have to go to War. Outdoor Sensi is bomb.
  10. You can't work for the federal government while in possession of a medical card.
  11. Shot down!
  12. damn sick pics
  13. You can still join the military though

    Your Med records with 215 Doc are protected by HIPAA and could not be accessed w/o your written permission. They are more concerned with your condition thats being treated by the medical marijuana, so basically the condition would be the reason for you not getting into the military. You still have to pass drug tests, so if you can do that and leave out the fact about the medical mary jane than your good.

    Anyone with a written prescription cannot join the military, you have to be off of it and prove you dont need it in order to join.

  14. Sorry if I was mistaken; I was just pretty sure I had seen that one can not work for the federal government if they possess a medical marijuana card as it's legal by state but not federally.
  15. When you are in the military are you a resident of any particular state? That's the key, residency. I'm not knowledgable in such things, but I was under the impression that as a member of the military you aren't a resident of any particular state, unless you're stationed there permanently.
  16. I'm currently on active duty. I joined the site because my mom has medical problems that can benefit from marijuana and I have been learning everything I can about it. There is no way you are going to be in the military and smoke weed. When you go to MEPs you will get piss tested. When you go to basic, you will get piss tested. When you go to your technical training, you will get piss tested. This will continue throughout your career. The military has a zero tolerance policy on drug use (except alcohol and tobacco, of course.) If you have a history of excessive drug use, you will not be able to get a Top Secret security clearance; this could restrict you from certain jobs. If you piss positive, you can lose your clearance, and get a dishonerable discharge (which would fuck up the rest of your life.)

    There isn't any respect for state law when it comes to military. It doesn't matter if you are a resident of California or not - you aren't governed by the laws in your state; you are governed by the UCMJ.
  17. Not to sound rude, but what's your question?
  18. and... The CIA and Green Beret Are almost too a point of secrecy, how do you know that? Accurate guess i suppose, but your not definitely right. only a cia agent would know that. do we have any CIA on here?
  19. from what i've heard....all branches are not the same

    airforce is the most strict and have a zero tolerance on all drugs even weed (as if that is really a drug)

    army, if you test pos for weed, you will get 30 days for it to clear out of your system and get another test, if neg the 2nd time, you will basically just get a slap on the wrist.

    if you just want to smoke while your at home, just do it... then quit like a week before you have to do your time, and drink a couple of gallons of water a day, and work out a lot.

    personally, I wouldn't join the military or the police. I'm not going to risk my life unless the end result is becomming extraordinaraly rich. Plus, i aint gonna risk my life and be told when to eat, drink, sleep, piss, and fuck... all for shit that I mostly don't even believe in. sounds like prison life to me...Fuck that!!!
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    This post is for all the people that have said that this war is pointless, how many of you are in the military? I want to know. You think this war is pointless?! Obama says he'll pull troops out and attempt to end the war..so what happens if we do pull out? Do we risk another 9/11 or something worse? I know the media runs the non-military population of the US, but ill tell you now, I know that myself and no-one else I've met or know have any faith in the media anymore, my brother taught me to follow the right path, I had no clue what he was talking about because I was 14 when he was deployed, 4 years ago. He sent me 19 letters while he was there, half of them where covered in black marker because of censorship and the military's safety. Ill take pictures of them If you don't believe me for some reason, but 2 years later, while I was 16 i was sitting at home while my mother was out at church, my house phone rang and there was a Sgt. From his unit on the phone that I had gotten to know pretty well, he used to come over when my brother came home from basic, he asked if my mother was home and I said no, but he could call back later because it was around 11:30am and my mother comes home from church around then, he said he had personal business that he had to attend to (I found out later it was a service for my brother) and asked me to sit down, I knew something was wrong. I hope none of you have to hear a Soldier break down on the phone crying telling you that your older brother was KIA late last night he took 10 minutes to say it because he was so upset that his best friend (my older brother) was killed and he had to tell his younger brother and then when you realize what happened and what you've lost, and your mother comes in 20 minutes later and you have to tell her that oldest son was killed. I pray to god you don't have to deal
    With anything like that. Anyone fighting in that war is brave as hell, how dare any of you say that the war is pointless, Why do you believe the media? We are over there, each of us is fighting their own battles over there as well as protecting you, because if we aren't
    Over there, they will come here, and if that ever happens, god forbid, let's see
    How pointless the war seems then.

    This part below is directed at the quote above ^^

    I have a cousin that felt the same way you do, Hes now over there fighting for what he knows is right, Your entitled to your opinions, but i know I'm going over quite soon, I hope you never have to watch your brother or any family member for that matter come back to the states in a coffin, your opinions may change, I know mine did 2 years ago when I was 16, I felt the same way...and I ship out at the end of the summer. I honestly hope that your opinions change to not look at it like prison life, My Cousin, my brother and I have all bled for what we believe is right, I'm not encouraging you to join or anything like that BELIEVE ME, after my brother was K.I.A my parents kicked me out of the house after I got my letter to say I'm going to Sniper school in a few weeks for a crash course until i get shipped over to that dust bowl in late September as a spotter. If your opinions ever change, you may want to read about the military a little more, or talk to a Soldier or two. They'll tell you It sucks and it's hard, but we love doing it, because we believe we are right in doing what we do. Either we decide to do whats right or we sit at home and watch soldiers dieing, I'm not trying to play a guilt trip but that's what is happening. I know what I decided, I'm doing this for my brother and all the Americans out there that believe in the Military, and whatever happens I know he'll be watching over me and my unit, and if anything happens to me or any of my friends over there, They'll know ,You'll know and I'll know that we died for something we believe in. Thank you.

    Ooh rah

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