Military is joining the fight against pot in california

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Green Wizard, May 6, 2010.

  1. Could this be the shot heard around the world for legalization activists? apparently the US Navy's NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) along with local authorties, raided a dispensary in Ridgecrest CA. and arrested 5 people on marijuana related charges.

    Is the military crossing the line? There's got to be something wrong with this. This can't be legal.

    Local NCIS investigation leads to 5 arrests - Ridgecrest, CA - Ridgecrest Daily Independent
  2. That's to bad. In reality a lot military personnel isn't anti cannabis, it's just the people of higher rank being controlled by politicians. Still it's sad to see thi happening.
  3. The military is fighting the war on drugs with its disproportionate muscle against the people. It's clear that you're either with them or against them, and they don't tolerate the very existence of the 'drug' trade not because of any practical reason (they're going out of their fucking way to raid the place, which hasn't initiated any agression towards the military whatsoever - an unprovoked attack) but because of their ideology that somehow has entitlement to systematically weed out and imprison people who act on opinions to the contrary of the militaries opinion.

    This won't effect me, or likely anyone else on here in a direct manner. But the sympathies of us, as tokers, is certainly not towards swine like the DEA or the war on drugs - as such, I'm not with them, I'm against them. To some extent, they have declared war on me though I've never done anything to them whatsoever.

    Fuck tha police :cool:
  4. I love Americans and America...

    But 'there's something rotten in Denmark'...

  5. The Danish.

    This is pretty ridiculous. Obviously because why the fuck is weed still illegal etc. but why was NCIS involved to begin with?
  6. Mmm, this is really really odd. Can you keep us updated on this story? I am forced to presume that there must be much more than meets the eye.

    Either that or NCIS was filming an episode and the journos just got things mixed up. Hopefully it's the episode where Gibbs catches Abby smoking pot in the lab and decides to personally win the war on drugs himself.

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